Sunita Pattnayak joined Stanley Black & Decker in Bangalore, as an experienced hire. She brought exactly the kind of can-do, self-starting spirit we look for—a person driven to improve the world around her and to help others do the same. When Sunita arrived, there was no formal network for women within the company. She took it upon herself to create one.

“There are so many limitations to overcome, as a woman professional in this country,” Sunita says. “Some of them are cultural, some feel imposed upon you, but the hardest to work through are the limits you place on yourself, the self-imposed ones. Everybody understands the need to work. What I want women around me to understand, is our need to excel.'

At the same time Sunita was putting her women’s network together in India, Jo Yarranton, Vice President Human Resources Corporate, was preparing the global launch of the Stanley Black & Decker Women’s Network, founded on three guiding principles: Networking, Knowledge, Leadership.

'At Stanley Black & Decker, we would like to attract more women employees, a more diverse workforce. Women can really feel their voices heard, get advice which helps them perform better in their careers,while taking care of their families.”
- Sunita Pattnayak