Ceaseless Innovation. Outstanding Brands. Empowered People.

For us, being a leader in Tools and Outdoor is our highest priority. Wherever you go in our company, you’ll find an uncompromised devotion to pushing boundaries, ensuring customer satisfaction and emphasizing social responsibility — all in support of delivering a purpose-driven performance.  

As a world-class innovator, we’re introducing the next generation of tools, products and solutions — the products that will construct the future, building on the legacies of our internationally celebrated brands. We’re supporting tradespeople in their careers, empowering our employees and supporting communities around the globe. Through initiatives that promote safety and diversity, we’re backing tradespeople in their careers, empowering our employees and supporting communities around the globe.

Our Framework for Success

There’s so much that goes into achieving operational excellence — from product innovation and end-user satisfaction to efficient, streamlined processes and procedures. As we work to put our best-in-class tools and solutions into the hands of the people building, growing and connecting our world, we’re laying the foundation for success through our Focus Forward Framework.


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End-User Obsession & Innovation

From experienced pros to newly inspired DIYers, our end-users are at the core of everything we do. That’s why we continue to evolve to meet their ever-changing needs. With end-user insights and data at the center of our innovation strategy, we’re delivering high-quality products that solve the challenges they face on jobsites and in their daily lives.

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Customer Focus

We’re dedicated to strengthening our strategic customer and channel partnerships. To us, that means delivering on our commitments for service excellence on-time and in full. We’re enabling sales activation, including promotional support, in-market execution and salesforce effectiveness.

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Operational & Functional Excellence

How do we ensure operational and functional excellence? Through simplification, optimization and reducing complexity. This applies to our processes, our product portfolio and platforming and our supply chain, including sourcing and manufacturing.

Our strategy is underpinned by our people, culture and non-negotiables


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People & Culture

People make it happen. Behind each innovation, there are teams of people working diligently to bring it to life — from the initial idea to the time it reaches our end-users’ hands. Fostering collaborative environments where our employees can create, ideate, work and thrive doesn’t just enable us to accomplish our goals; it’s the right thing to do. That’s why we’ve made supporting people and the world we live in a non-negotiable. Whether we’re ensuring tradespeople have high-quality tools or fostering inclusive environments, we’re hard at work to embed the following priorities throughout our entire enterprise:

Health & Safety | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Environmental & Social Responsibility | Integrity & Compliance | Quality

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Focusing Forward

A Blueprint For Results

See how our Focus Forward strategies are guiding us to a brighter future.

We have powerful brands and a strong innovation engine that will position us to win even more with our customers and outperform in the markets we serve...we remain focused on delivering best-in-class product innovation, implementing cost efficiency measures within our control and driving share gain in our core markets.

Portrait of Donald Allan, Jr.
Donald Allan, Jr.
President & Chief Executive Officer
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Safety Cardinal Rules

Our Culture of Safety

Our top priority? Keeping our employees safe. Learn more about how our Safety Cardinal Rules are resulting in a safer workplace.

Our approach to our employees’ health and wellbeing is simple: Safety first. Safety second. Safety always.

The people who spend their days working in our facilities and offices deserve healthy, safe environments where they can work, create and thrive. Establishing these spaces is an essential priority. And, through our Safety Cardinal Rules, we’re cultivating a culture where safety is embedded and prioritized across our entire global enterprise.

Employees will only operate a Powered Industrial Vehicle (PIV) if trained and authorized and loads are secured. Employees must not use personal electronic devices while operating any PIV.

Employees will follow specific energy control procedures, isolate all forms of hazardous energy, secure with locks and verify a zero-energy state prior to performing work on machines or equipment.

Employees will ensure all permit-required conditions are met prior to entry into a confined space.

Employees will use and not tamper with, remove or disable machine or equipment guarding while operating under normal conditions.

Employees will be qualified and follow documented electrical safe work practices when working with or when exposed to electrical systems greater than 50 volts AC/DC.

Employees will use fall protection or prevention when working at heights greater than 1.2 meters or 4 feet in general industry; when climbing or working on a ladder, employees must maintain 3 points of contact at all times.

Employees will ensure lifting equipment and slings are properly selected, rated for the load and never moved over personnel; employees will never leave a suspended load unattended or walk or work under a suspended load.