Globally, 10 million jobs in manufacturing remain unfilled due to the skills gap. As a leader in manufacturing and innovation, we’re uniquely positioned to help.


Because the world is changing so quickly, there’s no time to waste in preparing for the future. Industrial and technological innovations continue to change the nature of work and jobs. That’s why we’re so committed to helping our employees and our communities – particularly the next generation – gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive today and tomorrow.

Fostering an inclusive internal culture of empathy and innovation is a foundational element of our ESG strategy. It helps us transform the lives of our people and the world around us and allows us to truly deliver on our purpose.

Actions To Goal

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Achieve 10-point racial equity roadmap and improve our gender representation at the Vice President level and above by 2027

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Grow the Trades

Commit $30 million to initiatives that grow skills for tradespeople by 20271

2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As our business evolves, so does the specificity of our commitments. This is why our reset ESG goals align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and intrinsically tie to our purpose, For those who make the world™. Our investment in our future talent (SDG 4) and the diversity of our leadership (SDG 5) are critical components of our efforts for equity and inclusion across our global enterprise (SDG 16). Our Grow the Trades initiative helps us as we strive to give people the right tools to make an impact (SDG 10), empowering individuals to find valuable work in skilled professions (SDG 8) and supporting more equitable economic growth for their communities (SDG 11).


Sustainable development goal #4 for quality education
Sustainable development goal #5 for gender equality
Sustainable development goal #8 for decent work and economic growth
Sustainable development goal #10 for reduced inequalities
Sustainable development goal #11 for sustainable cities and communities
Sustainable development goal #16 for peace, justice and strong institutions
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Upskilling Tomorrow’s Tradespeople

Global Impact Challenge

By the end of 2022, we committed to $6 million in grants and $1.3 million in tool donations to support trade programs of select nonprofits and public schools.

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Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


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We believe a thriving, inclusive workplace is foundational to our success going forward. That’s what attracts and amplifies the talents, perspectives and experiences of all our people. This is what we stand for and who we strive to be. That’s why we continue to build out our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion infrastructure globally, regionally and within our businesses, for scalable impact across our enterprise.


Our Commitment to DE&I

Developing Our Talent


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Investing in our people is a smart way of business, as each person’s individual growth and evolution contribute to our collective strength. Our talent and leadership development are key enablers of our forward-focused strategy, driven by leader and performance feedback and anchored in attributes like empathy, inclusivity and listening.


Why Work Here

Employee Health and Safety


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At Stanley Black & Decker, we see health and safety as absolutes. But we also take an expansive view of these priorities, beyond mere physical concerns to include respect, engagement and well-being for all. We are committed to supporting employee holistic well-being to optimize the energy, health and productivity of all our people.



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We have always been For those who make the world™. Moving forward, we are focusing our philanthropy initiatives on serving as a force multiplier to support and align with our business priorities—growing the trades, empowering our people and responding to events that need our tools and expertise. Our longstanding support for youth-oriented initiatives continues, while we continue to refine our approach to focus on where we can make the greatest and most relevant impact.


Our Philanthropic Efforts

Even as we continue to refine our ESG strategy, our DE&I vision remains the same: to cultivate a thriving, inclusive workplace that amplifies the talents, perspectives and experiences of all employees. Our unwavering focus on DE&I guides our strategies and actions which is why we count DE&I among our foundational commitments.

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Joe Simms
Chief Diversity Officer

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words.

See our progress.

1. Since 2021, $6M cash and $1.3M tool donations has been awarded to support this goal.