As a manufacturer doing business in the state of California, California State law requires us to provide disclosure regarding our efforts to address the issue of slave labor and human trafficking in our supply chain.

Stanley Black & Decker is actively committed to eradicating human trafficking and slavery from its supply chain. Suppliers are prohibited from using prison, forced, or child labor, and must provide a work environment free from physical punishment of any kind. Rates of pay must comply with the national laws of the countries in which the suppliers do business. Employee work hours must be limited to those authorized by applicable laws, and employees must be properly compensated for overtime. All suppliers must respect the right of workers to freely associate and organize. Stanley Black & Decker’s suppliers are not permitted to use bonded laborers. Suppliers’ employees must be free to leave manufacturing facilities and not subject to unreasonable restrictions on their movements. Suppliers’ employees must be free to terminate their employment at will.

Stanley Black & Decker trains its managers and employees concerning these standards and verification of compliance by suppliers. While no written certification of compliance is currently required from our suppliers, supplier compliance is ensured by annual supplier self-assessments, followed by on-site audits and requalification audits. These audits are conducted personally by Stanley Black & Decker auditing teams and include confidential employee interviews of individuals selected by Stanley Black & Decker. The audits are announced to the suppliers only with as much lead time as minimally necessary to ensure that all required documentation is available to the auditing team. These on-site audits include verification of time and pay records. Suppliers are rated for compliance with Stanley Black & Decker practices and standards. Deficiencies found during supplier audits can result in graduated penalties, ranging from requirements for corrective action plans and follow-up audits to termination of the business relationship.