Innovating and elevating the supply of aerospace components.

A leading innovator and strategic partner in the supply of aerospace components, Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing® (CAM) is committed to providing superior stakeholder value.

Grounded in the belief that our customers’ success is our success, CAM is raising the bar. By elevating the business of delivering high-quality fittings, engineered products and fasteners. By focusing on quality, lean and innovation. By serving up a top-notch transactional experience. 

Home to the most-trusted names in the industry – including Aerofit, Bristol, EAP, Moeller, 3V, Prikos & Becker, QRP and Voss – CAM is a fast acting, highly responsive, flexible aerospace partner. Just the kind of partner customers envision.

It’s extremely important that we work to identify waste and work to eliminate that. We take care of the customer on quality and delivery. That relationship turns into growth because customers want to place their work with us.

David Beddome
President, Aerofit

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