Rest easy: CribMaster® has it under control.

Ask any manager on a construction jobsite – or a manufacturing supervisor – what’s one of the most challenging parts of your job? Answer: Keeping track of tools and components that are always in motion. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, from which CribMaster was born.

A software-driven industrial hardware solution, CribMaster offers an array of jobsite storage solutions with ease of use, safety and security in mind. Along with low-touch tool vending machines, satellite storeroom units (that go where the work is), healthcare supply management options and more, CribMaster’s industry-leading software suite provides a full stack of inventory management capabilities allowing those in charge to easily take stock and take action.

CribMaster began with the goal to take the hassle and complexity out of MRO/PPE distribution. CribMaster is uniquely positioned to leverage its software heritage to deliver asset tracking and inventory management solutions in today’s world.

Matthew Cornell
President, CribMaster
A person holding a mobile device, using an app to connect to a CribMaster storage unit

Remote Vend

Employees can now vend and return from an app on their personal/work-issued mobile device.

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