Turning Disruption Into Opportunity

Impossible never stopped us. Pushing boundaries, thinking differently and staying on the cutting edge – that’s how we’ve evolved our family of brands into household names. For us, being a leader in tools, engineered fastening and industrial equipment goes hand-in-hand with being a world-class innovator. In this extraordinarily fast-paced digital age, where others deviate from disruption, we embrace technological change as a way to make our products and business solutions that much better for our customers.

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Embracing Big Ideas

Supporting Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs with Techstars

From enriching educational experiences and invaluable mentorship opportunities to a diverse, collaborative environment, learn how the Founder Catalyst Program helps the next wave of entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

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Innovation is Everywhere

Reducing the Noise

More than 40 designs. Many months of brainstorming. One brilliant solution. Learn how we supported a team of Johns Hopkins University engineering students as they created an innovative leaf blower that reduces noise levels by nearly 40%.

Photo Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

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Breakthrough innovation is ingrained in our culture, key to our future and central to how we bring products and solutions to light. Our innovation ecosystem harnesses internal and external resources through collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs, academic institutions, research labs and others.

In innovative hubs around the world where commercial, startup and academic resources are concentrated, our businesses have launched offsite breakthrough innovation centers dedicated to developing game-changing solutions, each with long-term potential to generate annual revenue in excess of $100 million.

The breakthrough teams within Tools, Outdoor, Engineered Fastening and Aerospace Manufacturing pursue ideas on their own, but also collaborate. A centralized breakthrough team serves as a shared resource to coordinate efforts, drive internal initiatives and explore ideas that cross over our traditional businesses.

For example:

Brings outside innovation into the company through strategic venture capital investments with early-stage entrepreneurs developing technologies that redefine industries.

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Selects startups from around the world, with the goal of bringing breakthrough manufacturing technologies to market, such as ecologically friendly packaging and electrification.

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We may be a large, global company with deep roots and a rich history, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be agile. At the end of the day, innovation is part of our DNA.

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Stanley Ventures

Investing in Technological Breakthroughs

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Innovating with Purpose

Developing Products That Make the World Better

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