Trades Wanted

Helping Resolve the World’s Skilled Trades Shortage

Our $30M Challenge
A woodworker participating in a World Skills competition

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Making an Impact

Making an Impact

Carpenter working with wood.

Grow the Trades

Committed to DEI, Empowering Our People and Growing the Trades

Advancing our DEI strategies, supporting our people as they grow and flourish and contributing to tradesperson education through upskilling programs while cultivating brand ambassadorship.

Our Positive Impact
A person using a leaf blower

Sustainable Innovation

Investing to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation and Supply Chain

Driving end-user-inspired innovation and responsible production along our supply chain to deliver products and services that benefit society and the environment without sacrificing performance.

Our Positive Impact
Wind turbines

Sustainable Operations

Optimizing Sustainable Operations

Improving the sustainability of our operations – making clear progress across our global enterprise on reducing our overall operational environmental footprint, including energy (increasing efficiency and reducing emissions), water and waste.

Our Positive Impact