Water is life. Sufficiently available clean, fresh water sustains our communities and helps our ecosystems thrive.

That’s why we see water stewardship as a business imperative, even though our operations are not particularly water intensive.

Assessing Water Stress

Our worldwide Water Stewardship Policy commits us to report comprehensively and transparently on our water sustainability goals, progress and future intent, and to be an advocate for environmental justice as it relates to water stewardship. Where appropriate, we share our best practices across our supply chain.

In locations with both significant baseline water stress and where such stress could result in a material risk to the business, we plan to monitor:

  • Withdrawal in regions with high or extremely high baseline water stress
  • Water consumption from water recycling/reuse or rainwater harvesting, where local conditions allow



Progress on Operational Water Intensity Goals

In 2022, we reduced the water intensity of our combined manufacturing sites and distribution centers by 5% against our 2020 baseline.

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words.

See our progress.