Emission Possible: Decarbonizing Our Operations

Renewable power and improving energy efficiency are the keys to unlocking a decarbonized world. Over the course of 2022, we funded more than three dozen energy efficiency projects, resulting in over 11,000 metric tons of annualized COe savings. 

In addition to the opening of the Hopkinsville solar array, we completed two on-site solar projects in Pune, India and Suzou, China, resulting in a combined annual reduction of 746 metric tons of COe.

2022 CO₂e Reduction Projects

CO₂e Reduction Contribution by ECOSMART Project Type

Hopkinsville facility solar array

Powered by the Sun

Our Industrial plant in Hopkinsville, Kentucky is now operated off 100% renewable solar energy!

Our Energy Success Story

This investment in clean energy allows us to leap forward toward our shared goal of positively impacting the environment through our operations.

Kent Shane
Kent Shane
Director of Operations

* Stanley Black & Decker Share of the Project

Energy Audits are Identifying New Opportunities

Regular energy audits monitor and evaluate how electricity is used in our buildings and facilities while also identifying new areas where we can eliminate waste and correct inefficiencies. At least one year’s worth of electrical data is captured to help us understand how to make these improvements. So far, these audits have resulted in significant reductions in wasted energy at our facilities and discovered new opportunities to continue our progress.

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words.

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