Born in the heartland. Not for the faint of heart.

When the going gets tough, the real pros don’t quit. Day in, day out they’re hustling to stay on schedule and give every lawn, every customer 100%. When you put that kind of sweat equity into your business, you rely on professional-grade outdoor power equipment you can count on. That’s Hustler®. Born in the American heartland – as the world’s first twin-lever zero-turn mower – Hustler epitomizes what it means to earn an honest living. While sold around the globe, Hustler remains true to its humble, hardworking roots, unmatched customer service and trustworthy reputation.

Take it from a guy that loves to mow, when you buy a Raptor XL it’s a high end residential grade mower! You get a lot of durability for the money in this class & line of mower.

William Buck
Hustler Hyperdrive mower

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Commercial and Residential Mowers

From sit-downs to stand-ons and walk-behinds, and from 34” to 104” cutting width, there is a machine for just about anyone.

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