As a leader in the industrial space, to say we go to great lengths, depths and heights to help make the world go round is no exaggeration.

Whether in the car, on the phone or in the air, most people won’t ever take notice of our handiwork in industrial. And that’s OK. We’re here to keep the world running seamlessly in unnoticeable and yet remarkable ways.

Keeping Everything Together

STANLEY Engineered Fastening partners with leading manufacturers to develop unique, customized solutions and systems for the most complex fastening and assembly challenges in the world. From automotive assembly and industrial construction to computers, mobile telecommunications, solar panels and appliances, we deliver the right solution, every time.


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Elevating Service in Aerospace

Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing (CAM) specializes in collaborating with commercial aerospace and defense customers to develop application-based solutions that satisfy their specific needs. CAM delivers industry-leading technical expertise, deep customer relationships and over 40 years of history in providing industry-leading service and solutions as a strategic partner in the supply of highly engineered aerospace components.


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Vending the Tools

Since 1992, CribMaster has been driven by a vision to make the daily jobs of people in manufacturing, and the distributors who serve them, much more efficient. CribMaster is leading the way in intelligent inventory management through hardware (e.g., tool vending machines) and software solutions that are highly advanced yet easy to use.


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Tough Storage Solutions for Heavy-Duty Applications

For more than fifty years, Vidmar has created durable storage solutions for countless industries across the globe, including military, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and more.


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Making the Most of Your Space

Since 1968, LISTA has offered a comprehensive range of storage and workspace solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of any industry — today and in the future. Durable, versatile and innovative, these solutions promote better organization and improved productivity.


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Reenergizing the Automotive Industry

From the conversion of passenger and commercial vehicles, to scooters and solar power – the road ahead is cleaner and greener.

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