At Stanley Black & Decker, we are committed to transparent reporting of our environment, health and safety results.

Environmental Performance¹

Our sustainability journey continues to evolve, and our investments in and actions regarding climate change mitigation, water stewardship and waste reduction demonstrate how we measure progress to hold ourselves accountable.

Energy Intensity²


2022 Renewable Energy Source %

Carbon Intensity²


Carbon Emissions %

Water Intensity³


2022 Water Uses %

Waste Intensity⁴


2022 Waste Disposition by Type %

Hazardous Waste


2022 Waste Generation by Class %

Health & Safety Performance⁵ ⁶

Everyone deserves to return home from work every day safe and sound. We strive to achieve world-class standards of safety in our manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, and work with our suppliers so that they can do the same.

External Certifications⁷

Total Recordable Rate


Lost Time Rate


Safety Data

Total recordable injury/illness619726547
Lost time injury/illness216233175
Lost days due injury/illness5,6214,5855,785
Work hours in millions146.3170.4156.3
Total Recordable Rate0.850.850.70
Lost Time Rate0.300.270.22


1. Data points include acquisitions and divestitures through the close of the respective transactions.

2. Energy intensity in kilo British thermal units demand per work hour; carbon intensity is CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) in metric tonne emissions per thousand work hours.

3. Water intensity in withdrawal gallons per work hour.

4. Waste intensity in total generation pounds per work hour. Recycle can include single and mixed stream; energy recovery; and material reuse/regeneration with or without treatment.

5. For each year, results reflect current company business structure and applicable discontinued operations. Data points include acquisitions and divestitures through the close of the transaction.

6. Total recordable rate and lost time rate = # of applicable incidents per 100 employees per year.

7. Percentage of factories and distribution centers certified to applicable EHS/Sustainability management system standards in that reporting year.