At Stanley Black & Decker, our commitment to environmental and sustainability excellence throughout our product life cycle remains core to the way we operate, especially relating to climate, waste and water.

Throughout our product life cycle – from product design to product use and end-of-life management – everyone in the supply chain must play their part. Please check the provisions of your local community/municipality for end-of-life waste management requirements and help to ensure that recyclable materials are reused or recycled by placing them into the appropriate recycling stream.

#1 PET(E)Polyethylene terephthalateFoam, Blisters
#2 PEHD or HDPEHigh-density polyethyleneTubes, Buckets
#3 PVCPolyvinyl chlorideBlisters, Vinyl Wallets, Tubes, Buckets, Shrink Wrap
#4 PELD or LDPELow-density polyethylenePolybags, Tubes, Buckets, Straps, Foils
#5 PPPolypropyleneBlisters, Trays
#6 PSPolystyreneInserts
#7 O (Other)All other plasticsBags, Trays, Inserts
#ABSAcrylonitrile butadiene styreneInfill Trays
#PAPolyamide (Nylon)Tie Wraps
#20 PAPCorrugated fiberboard (cardboard)Folding Cartons and Formed Gift Boxes
#21 PAPNon-corrugated fiberboard (paperboard)Skin Cards
#22 PAPPaperInstruction Manuals, Leaflets, Addendum Sheet, Blister Cards, Insert Cards
#40 FESteelStrapping
  #41 ALUAluminiumMetal Tins