We are committed to providing high quality, reliable solutions and products, and we have been since 1843. We serve the makers and creators, the builders and shapers.

Part of this service means supporting local communities and employees wherever we are. One way we support our local communities is our strong focus on “making where we sell.”

For example, our make where we sell initiative was designed to ensure that we manufacture in-market wherever possible. This brings the advantages of local expertise and skills to the company, while offering local people job opportunities and career development.

Sheffield and Hellaby factories in Northern England

Located in Northern England, Sheffield has a strong heritage in steel production and connected trades and professions. Many generations of local families have built their livelihoods around these essential manufacturing industries within this region.

The Hellaby factory, located near Sheffield, is renowned for its blade and chisel production, delivering premium products that are instantly recognizable by trade professionals throughout the United Kingdom. These precision-engineered tools come with inherent quality, performance and strength, coupled with the benefit of guaranteed peace of mind. Products that will be dependable for a lifetime – built by a local business they can trust.

Recognizing the region’s established skilled workforce and the long-standing reputation of the Hellaby manufacturing facility, Stanley Black & Decker recently added production of power tools in the factory to serve the UK market.

“The legacy of Sheffield holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts.”

Rob Bingley, Vice President of Supply Chain/Logistics at Stanley Black & Decker’s Hellaby Plant

Running two key manufacturing units within the Hellaby factory, Steve Ashworth is proud of the tools and accessories that are created within the plant. He also recognizes the importance placed on building a community within the workforce.

“Making where you sell, it’s a good idea. You’re better off making close to your customers… where you can understand them and make things for them.” - David Wilson, Dovetailors Ltd