Jason M.

Lead Project Engineer, Motor Controls

Meet Jason, an authentic person – and engineer at Stanley Black & Decker – who finds that true job satisfaction comes from bringing your whole self to work.
Portrait of Jason M.

For authentic people like Jason – an engineer at Stanley Black & Decker – true job satisfaction comes from being able to bring your whole self to work. 


His remarkable journey has been one of self-awareness and personal fulfillment. By sharing his story, Jason hopes to help others realize the value that comes from being authentic every day, in every way.

Since joining, I’ve gone through a variety of embedded engineering roles – from supporting motor control hardware design to supporting electronic hardware manufacturing, to individual cordless power tool embedded software development, to now leading a common shared software platform for cordless power tools and a team that develops the platform and some products based off of it.

Jason M.
Lead Project Engineer, Motor Controls

From College Campus to Work Life – A Learning Experience

Jason came out as bisexual in college. He felt extremely liberated, regardless of the political climate at the time that included talk of a national amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage.

When Jason began his career as an engineer, he found himself immersed in a heterocentric field. At his first job, he went back into the closet in an attempt to fit into his work environment. However, he found this agonizing. Jason inevitably left the company and started working for Stanley Black & Decker.


Finding Comradery in the Stanley Black & Decker LGBTQ+ Community

One of the main reasons Jason joined Stanley Black & Decker was because of its clear anti-discrimination policy which includes sexual orientation. In addition to a clearly defined stance and an overall welcoming environment, he would later witness the empowerment of employees to launch Pride & Allies (P&A). P&A is an employee resource group (ERG) that supports employees and helps bring awareness, acceptance and allyship.


On the Impact of Our Pride and Allies (P&A) ERG

From network building and inclusion learning opportunities to celebrations, the ERG gives people a chance to celebrate the community’s achievements and history, and to provide examples for individuals who might still be struggling with their own identity.

“There are LGBTQ+ folks at many levels across many disciplines in many of the countries in which Stanley Black & Decker operates. I have heard from people that they were relieved to find P&A when joining Stanley Black & Decker because an LGBTQ+ affirmative ERG wasn’t a thing at their previous employer.”


What Pride Month Means to Jason

“Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come, both individually and as a society. Pride Month is also special to me because as a queer professional, I am living a life I had a hard time imagining as a teenager running from his sexuality. I’ve been with Stanley Black & Decker for 11 years and I’ve been married to a wonderful husband for five years. I want to be the example that I needed when I was younger – both in the community and at work.”


How Jasons Career Has Progressed at Stanley Black & Decker

Jason has succeeded in multiple roles at Stanley Black & Decker and continues to advance his career in a safe, tolerant and supportive work environment.

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