Providing Essential Products & Services

To serve our customers while helping combat the virus, our global brands are taking action to provide innovative solutions for essential businesses and front line workers.

  • Equipment for first responders, such as utility bars, corded and cordless reciprocating saws and blades and many other tools to use in case of emergency
  • LISTA, DEWALT and VIDMAR storage solutions for military, hospital and other medical staff
  • Portable power
  • Fire and rescue solutions
  • Fasteners for first responder vehicles, medical and rescue equipment and infrastructure tools and systems
  • Materials for respirators
  • Components for emergency vehicles
  • Equipment for first responders, such as grapple buckets and industrial brooms, to help deal with natural disasters
  • Equipment to help solve power outages to neighborhoods and hospitals
  • Equipment to help mine for critical minerals that are needed for electronic components used in equipment like ventilators
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