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Ramana Gogula, Director of Innovation Stanley Black & Decker

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Ramana Gogula,
Director of Innovation
Stanley Black & Decker

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A leading innovator. A thriving culture. A family of iconic brands. All at one of the world’s largest, fastest-growing and most dynamic companies. Can you contribute to an environment of positive change? In a diverse culture that integrates excellence and innovation while embracing responsibility? Join us.

Working Here

A vibrant, diverse, global growth company, Stanley Black & Decker is recognized as one of the most innovative and sustainable companies in the world.

We are bold and agile, yet thoughtful and disciplined. We excel at operational discipline, yet we have been making transformative changes for more than a decade. Over the past fifteen years we have gone from a small company to a large one, but we have managed to maintain the all-for-one, we can do it, entrepreneurial spirit that our founders instilled in us nearly 175 years ago.

We are a company of enduring substance, well-positioned at the forefront of change.

“At Stanley Black & Decker, our people are our single greatest asset. They are the industry's best, and they are empowered to create opportunities for success. I'm proud to be part of this team. Every day, they define excellence with everything they do.”

Joe Voelker, Chief Human Resources Officer

Our Identifying Characteristics

At Stanley Black & Decker, our culture is bold and agile, yet thoughtful and disciplined. We act quickly and move aggressively to innovate and outperform, but we consider the needs of all of our stakeholders to ensure we are always doing the right thing the right way. It is our unique culture of high-speed, positive change that makes Stanley Black & Decker a great place to work.

We Cut Through Challenges

Every expertly crafted product we make empowers people to do better, safer, more significant work around the world. That’s why we work tirelessly to improve our quality. How? By empowering our people to take on any challenge, to solve the toughest problems, and to find a way forward. Because it takes unparalleled commitment to make the world’s hardest-working products and services for the world’s hardest-working people.

We Join Forces

We believe in the power of coming together to create a better company, product, and bottom line. At Stanley Black & Decker, we’re proud to be comprised of so many iconic brands. What makes us so strong is our ability to bring these moving parts together for the collective good. We do that by cultivating an open, diverse, and collaborative environment, where every voice is valued, and a win for one is a win for all.

We Are Reliable to Our Core

Integrity is in our DNA — our word is our bond. We never cut corners when it comes to quality and safety. That’s why Stanley Black & Decker’s brands are synonymous with reliability, confidence, and trust. It goes back to our roots as the makers of the most distinguished and sturdiest measurement tools and locks on the market. The world relies on the precision, durability, and safety of our work, day in and day out. Failure is not an option.

Bold Breaks the Mold

Stanley Black & Decker is more than a tool company, we’re an ambitious transformational global growth company. We have a long history of pioneering breakthrough innovations and setting new standards within the industry. We wouldn’t have been able to come up with the tape rule or the drill used for the moon landing if we weren’t willing to take risks. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly looking at today’s world to create solutions for a better tomorrow.

In Our Own Words

  • Emma Romell
    Your career will never be stagnant at Stanley Black & Decker… The company is constantly evolving how it operates internally and how it interacts externally, providing continuous growth opportunities for its employees.
    Emma Romell, Functional Transformation PMO Manager
  • Tony Buffum
    Our purpose is powerful and motivating to me. It represents our business, our brand and our history – it’s empowering.
    Tony Buffum, Vice President of Human Resources, STANLEY Security
  • Raja Das
    I love working for a company that makes products that are used to build and create. Whether it’s a hospital, a school, or someone’s first home, Stanley Black & Decker is helping make it happen. When our company does well, it means the world is doing well.
    Raja Das, Senior Manager, Corporate Business Development
  • Tom Chang
    Stanley definitely saw something I did not see in myself.
    Tom Chang, Director, Product Manager
  • To me, our purpose is just another great reason why I want to work at Stanley Black & Decker.
    Grethel Kunkel, Vice President of Commercial Excellence
  • Jola Stephenson
    What drives us is the feeling of success that you get from excelling.
    Jola Stephenson, Senior Product Manager

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