How We Operate


The STANLEY Fulfillment System (SFS) is our operating system and engine for continuous improvement, helping our people drive operational excellence across the business. SFS 2.0 brings a next generation focus on driving breakthrough innovation, digital excellence, commercial excellence and functional transformation, seeking step-change impact in how we perform as a leading global industrial company.

Every day we challenge ourselves to deliver breakthrough customer value, in the form of innovation, service and speed. The expanded disciplines of SFS 2.0 power our value creation model and give our people the means to deliver outsized organic growth, margin expansion, and asset and cost efficiency across our enterprise. Momentum continues to build.

SFS: the evolution of excellence

Breakthrough Innovation

We know that the future belongs to the disruptors—the ones whose new solutions change markets or create entire categories. With breakthrough innovation teams in each of our major businesses, we are focused on generating market-moving ideas that take our leadership in innovation to a whole new level.

Digital Excellence

Spurred by our Digital Accelerator, we are making digital pervasive throughout our global enterprise—in our products, in our business models, in our marketing and other supporting functions, and in our manufacturing execution systems and supply chain.

Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence focuses on raising our level of performance across all customer and end-user related activities. Where we need improvement, we will work with our customers to find world-class solutions; where we are great, we will continue to get even better.

Functional Transformation

Transforming our back-office systems, processes and culture has the potential to enhance every other aspect of SFS 2.0 while also enabling the functions to scale to support our growth and margin expansion plans.

Operational Excellence

Core SFS remains our competitive advantage and a relentless force for continuous improvement and profitable growth. It continues to evolve as our business evolves, encompassing new operational disciplines such as intelligent manufacturing and advanced supply chain management.

SFS Creates Business Value


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