Decarbonization is the key to unlocking a sustainable future.

What will it take to transform the way we power our planet? To transition to clean, renewable sources of energy? To solve the urgent threat of climate change? For us, it takes assessing our own energy demands, applying our innovative mindset to our operations and a willingness to confront tough challenges head-on.

Extending over fifteen acres, the new 4.6-megawatt solar array located at our facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky represents a major milestone in our efforts to reduce the overall environmental footprint of our operations. The array produces more than enough renewable energy to meet 100% of the plant’s power needs.


Clean energy helps everyone.

This extra power feeds into the local electrical grid, providing electricity to the neighboring community. By transitioning the Hopkinsville plant to renewable energy, we’re able to offset carbon by 5,500 metric tons.

The success of the Hopkinsville solar array is an affirmation of our sustainability strategies and a positive indication for our future efforts.

Soaking Up the Sun

See Hopkinsville’s Impact on Sustainability and the Community

Hopkinsville facility solar array