Leading Through Advanced Manufacturing – To Meet the Demands of a Rapidly Evolving World

You don’t have to be in manufacturing to appreciate its immense importance. In every facet of life, people depend on manufacturers to come through with what they need, when they need it. Between shifting consumer demands, technological advancements, supply chain constraints and skilled labor shortages, manufacturing today couldn’t be more dynamic. From a career standpoint, it couldn’t be more opportunistic.

As a company at the center of it all, we don’t just plan to keep pace. We intend to lead the way through advanced manufacturing that satisfies – and even surpasses – consumer demand; facilitates high-quality production with greater efficiency; and enables the upskilling and advancement our highly valued manufacturing workforce.


Take the Virtual Tour

Virtually step inside the Stanley Black & Decker Manufactory and experience the dynamic world of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 principles at work! Whether you’re 8 or 80… An elementary school student or a seasoned engineer… If you like to learn new things and are interested in cutting-edge manufacturing practices at work, our Manufactory 4.0 is well worth a virtual visit.


It’s No Secret: Our Manufactory Is for Everyone

This state-of-the-art facility is a nod to Stanley Black & Decker’s historic Manufactory – our company’s first plant in Connecticut that opened in 1843.


Cobot at Stanley Black & Decker's Manufactory assembling products

Ideas at Work

Here you’ll find advanced manufacturing technologies at work – and how they’re being implemented in our facilities worldwide.

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) scanning floor. at Stanley Black & Decker's Manufactory

Progress in Motion

Our team of Industry 4.0 experts focus on innovations such as modular robotic cells and applications for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and collaborative robots (cobots). We’re talking cool, cutting-edge stuff.

Two Stanley Black & Decker employees conversing over charts on a monitor

Focus on Innovation

Our Manufactory allows us to better serve customers through greater flexibility of production and resource optimization. We’re empowering people to run flexible systems, lead cobots and interpret real-time data to make empowered decisions.

People and technology working together to problem-solve, innovate and create in exciting, new ways. That’s smart manufacturing at its best.

Man working on his project

Making an Impact

Let’s Close the Trade Skills Gap

Helping resolve a labor shortage isn’t just a manufacturing industry issue – it’s everyone’s concern. See what we’re doing about it.

Our $25M Challenge