Get inspired by one of our makers, Xavier, whose passion for solving problems led to a professional career in the skilled trades.
Portrait of Xavier

How did you get into the trade/what inspired you?

A family friend was an electrician and needed an extra set of hands one day. He knew my work ethic and that I liked building and fixing things. He carried out service work, so I was able to get a small taste of the many parts of electrical work, even on my first day. I enjoyed the work and the challenges it offered. I was hired later that week to join his crew.


Why would you recommend a career in skilled trades?

I went to college to study computer software development but started electrical work halfway through my degree, and from then on I knew that I wanted to work in the trades. Sitting at a desk all day was not for me. Providing power in many industrial plants, I see that no matter how many highly automated systems there are, each one will still need the power to function and someone to put the system together. The location may change, but trades are needed and necessary.


What advice do you have for students or individuals who may be considering pursuing skilled trades?

Be open-minded to trying new things, you may be surprised at what you enjoy. Don’t let anyone tell you that a trade isn’t good enough or that you need numerous college degrees to be able to support yourself. If you find a trade you enjoy, pursue it. The work may be hard, but the reward is satisfying.

Don’t let anyone tell you that a trade isn’t good enough or that you need numerous college degrees to be able to support yourself.


What’s one misperception that people have about your job?

Many times we come across situations (usually repairs) where someone assumes they know how to do electrical work. In some cases, many individuals can perform small/minor repairs. However, for anything beyond that, a trained electrician should be contacted. Only a qualified electrician is able to make complicated repairs that will keep you and your family safe.


What are your future aspirations?

I’m looking forward to becoming a journeyman electrician soon, and then after that a master electrician. I enjoy seeing the big picture and being able to run larger jobs is something I am excited about.


Why are you #MakerProud?

I’m #MakerProud because every day I go to work and I enjoy what I do. I solve people’s problems, fix things that are broken, and get to be creative as I make electrical components and systems operate properly.


Find Xavier on Instagram at @sparky_tool.

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