Get inspired by one of our maker’s stories, Madita, who is passionate and proud to be part of a professional trade that cannot be replaced.
Madita smiling wearing a sweatshirt

How did you get into the profession/what inspired you?

I didn’t start in the trade. Initially, I was an apprentice banker, and one day I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I heard about a trial academic course: an apprenticeship in the trades combined with a bachelor’s degree, which sounded exciting. I started my job as a system mechanic without any knowledge.


Why would you recommend a career in skilled trades?

Just try it and see if it’s the right option for you. I’m a good example of this. Trade jobs are not for everyone, but if I hadn’t taken this step, I’d still be working as a banker and wouldn’t know what I was missing!


What advice do you have for students or individuals who may be considering pursuing skilled trades?

There are so many great trade jobs. Listen to your heart. If you are interested in wood and you love to build things, just do it. Or if you are more interested in innovative technologies and digitalization, try to be an electrician.


What’s one misperception that people have about your job?

That customers will only call me about blocked toilets!


What are your future aspirations?

I’m currently completing my advanced training. I want to finish my masters and my studies. My goal is to be self-employed, so I’m working hard towards that.

I’m learning every day, because technologies are developing fast, but my kind of job will always exist.


Why are you #MakerProud?

I’m able to help make people happy with what I’m doing. I’m learning every day because technologies are developing fast, but my kind of job will always exist. To be part of a trade that cannot be replaced makes me proud.


Find Madita on Instagram @frauimhandwerk.

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