Meaningful work. Financial stability. A rewarding, life-long career. We’re effecting change to ensure women have the tools they need to succeed in the trades.


The trades are a viable path for everyone. Yet historically, women are underrepresented on the jobsite. While the trades represent a path to an important, well-paying career, women make up about 3% of all tradespeople. The industry’s future depends on increasing gender diversity on the jobsite and encouraging more women to pursue these careers.

Fewer people than ever are applying for jobs in the construction, plumbing, electrical and other essential industries. This labor shortage results in numerous consequences, including delays to critical infrastructure projects. Actively recruiting women into the trades, supporting their career development and eliminating any barriers they face is essential to filling these vital jobs and rebuilding the workforce.

Through several initiatives, we’re empowering women throughout their trade journeys. Awarded to recent graduates, the DEWALT® Trades Scholarship helps young people receive the training, education and job skills they need before joining the trades. Our Grow the Trades Grant provides funding and resources to nonprofits and other organizations that provide vocational training, reskilling, and upskilling programs, along with career development and other means of support.

These efforts are laying the foundation for a world of new opportunities. By supporting women as they join the trades, we can bring valuable new perspectives to the jobsite, fill open jobs with qualified individuals and build a brighter future.

If women are supported through resources and access to opportunities, the possibilities are endless.

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Maria Ford
President, Commercial, Industrial and Farm & Hardware

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Hope Renovations: 2021 Grant Recipient

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