Customer Experience - Kyle Gordon

Kyle Gordon
VP of Business Development
Boston, Massachusetts


Kyle joined Stanley Black & Decker one day after graduating from college, as an entry level sales team member in our security business.

"I was given a territory and told to go sell something," he said. "I’m pretty good at a couple of things – talking and driving – so that’s where I started."

But that’s not where it ended for Kyle, who said his love of competition helped drive up his sales numbers. "Once I realized I wasn’t going to be an NBA player, sales seemed like a natural fit because I wanted to be at the top of that scoreboard."

Kyle gets up at 4:30 a.m. and says running gets him energized for the day. That energy was recognized by his managers, who quickly promoted him to a sales leader, and finally into his current role as a business development leader.

Kyle says it’s his relationship building that has helped him succeed.

"I love people. Any time I can interact with people and play music – that’s my thing too – is how I like to spend my time and that’s why I love my job because it allows me to connect with people every day," he said. "These are real relationships. You should be as comfortable with the people you work with as you are at home. When you do, you have a good opportunity to have not only a meaningful career but a blast doing it. That’s what I have at Stanley."