Katie V.

SLP - Information Technology

Meet Katie, a participant in the Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Program who appreciates the opportunities she’s had to experience different roles within the company.
Portrait of Katie V.

Being an intern or SLP is about self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to explore your professional interests and find your skills. As an SLP, I’ve been exposed to various teams, functions and projects. Moving between rotations allows the chance to quickly adapt to various dynamics, processes and objectives.

Katie V.
SLP - Information Technology

During her junior year of college, Katie joined Stanley Black & Decker as a Technology Intern, working as part of the Data Analytics & AI Team. She was initially drawn to the Company because of her familiarity with our brands and desire to work for a global organization.  

After graduation, Katie took an opportunity to return to the Company as part of the Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Program (SLP). “The people and culture made me want to return to Stanley Black & Decker. During my internship, I met many different people who genuinely cared about my career development,” she shares. “The culture here supports everyone, especially young professionals, as they grow, develop and make a real impact.”


Finding Success in the World of IT

Katie currently works as part of the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Team, part of the Cybersecurity office. She and her team ensure that Stanley Black & Decker adheres to regulatory standards, manages potential risks and complies with internal and external policies.  

From testing phishing campaigns and logging risks to editing documents for business continuity and disaster recovery projects, Katie enjoys having a wide variety of tasks and projects. “My favorite part of this job is that my days are never the same. There is always a new project or assignment to work on,” she says.  


The Impact of the Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Program

As an SLP, Katie rotates between different teams to develop skills and gain experience with new business functions. “The mentoring I’ve received from my teammates has been invaluable to my career development,” she shares. “My managers ask me what skills I want to learn and have me work closely with the team members who can help me progress toward my goals.”

She continues, “This gives me the freedom to discover which areas of IT interest me the most and where I may excel in the future. And creates the space to learn what the professionals in these various fields do in their day-to-day.”  


Her Advice for People Early in Their Career Journeys

While working as an intern, Katie learned the importance of curiosity when starting a new career. “Never be afraid to ask questions. Some of my most important conversations started with a simple question,” she states. “Being inquisitive is a great asset for learning and continuing to grow, especially early in your career.”

Katie also emphasizes the role networking and building connections with people throughout the Company plays in achieving an individual’s career goals. “Being an intern or SLP is about self-discovery, where you can explore your professional passions. By speaking to your coworkers, you will gain invaluable information about the Company and workforce in general,” she explains. “Reach out to people in positions or areas you’re interested in. I’ve found that most people are happy to chat and tell you about their roles and experiences.” 

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