Jamie T.

Purchasing Analyst

Meet Jamie, an Army veteran and member of a military family who’s grateful for a supportive work environment.
Portrait of Jamie T.

I’m thankful for a manager who recognizes my work ethic and allows me the flexibility to be present for my kids.

Jamie T.
Purchasing Analyst

Finding balance between work obligations and household responsibilities is challenging for every professional. Now imagine your partner is stationed on the other side of the world as part of their military service. That’s the reality families of service members face every day.  

Jamie, a purchasing analyst at Stanley Black & Decker, knows this experience firsthand — both as an 11-year Army veteran and as part of a military family. Her husband, who also serves in the Army, is currently stationed overseas.  

We asked her to share more about her experiences in the military, the challenges military families face and how the supportive culture at Stanley Black & Decker makes a difference in her work-life balance.


On the lessons her military service taught 

“When I was 19, I joined the Army as a Unit Supply Specialist and was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq. My time in the military instilled a great work ethic and taught me the value of communication. Almost anything can be fixed or overcome when there’s effective communication.”


Why Stanley Black & Decker was the right fit  

“After 11 years in the Army and rotating deployments with my husband, I stepped away from the military. Now I’m a Purchasing Analyst at Stanley Black & Decker.

“Workplace culture was a big thing for me when I was deciding where I wanted to work. Talking to people at the Hopkinsville location, I learned that the culture was awesome. And they were right. Everyone here is so welcoming and willing to help.” 


How a supportive work environment helps her military family  

“When my husband’s overseas, I’m juggling my workday and the needs of our four kids, including appointments, school meetings and helping with homework. The fact that I have such a supportive manager and team members makes every day a little easier. I’m thankful for a manager who recognizes my work ethic and allows me the flexibility to be present for my kids. My manager’s support motivates me to contribute even more to my team.” 

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