Franco P.

Manual Packer

Meet Franco, a Manual Packer who’s building a successful career at LENOX alongside his son.
Portrait of Franco P. and Dario P.

With life being so busy, working in the same building as my son really is a pleasure. I get to see him every day.

Franco P.
Manual Packer

A Family Tradition at LENOX

Working at LENOX runs in Franco’s family. Dating back to the 1970s, his father, brothers and nephews have all spent time working for the company. However, in Franco’s case, his son Dario’s tenure at LENOX predates his own.   

“Dario started before me in 2021,” Franco shares. “He noticed a part-time position open in Paint/Print/Packing (PPP) and thought it would be perfect for me. He was right. Just a little while later, I was working with my son.”  

Dario works in distribution, which is connected to the PPP department. “I pack the blades, and Dario prepares them for shipment,” Franco explains.   

While the pair typically does not work side by side, Dario occasionally lends a hand to the PPP department, assisting with manual packing. “I’ve enjoyed teaching him our processes and showing him how it’s done,” Franco says.  


The Value of Working Together  

There’s another perk to being co-workers— one that Franco particularly cherishes.  

“We don’t work together directly, but when we leave at five, we always walk to the time clock together. With life being so busy, working in the same building as my son really is a pleasure. I get to see him every day,” Franco shares.   

Outside work, the two spend time together fishing and enjoying other outdoor activities. They make an effort to get outside every Father’s Day.   

For Dario, he appreciates seeing his dad’s strong work ethic in person. “My dad instilled in me the importance of a good work ethic. That's something that runs in our family. He's always been a good example of what hard work can accomplish,” Dario says. 

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