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Sustainable World

Acting with Integrity at Stanley Black & Decker

Today’s pace of change is complex and breathtaking. It is moving so fast that individuals, organizations and society are having a difficult time keeping up.

As a company that is for those who make the world, it is important that we meet this challenge while maintaining the high standards of integrity and ethical behavior that our colleagues, customers, suppliers and shareholders expect of us.

On most days, we do not need to look any further than our individual Facebook or Twitter feeds, or our local newscasts, to find examples of individuals or organizations that have lost their way and engaged in unethical behavior. These actions can be devastating to many. It’s not uncommon for these large-scale scandals to begin with just one questionable action. It happens slowly… then quickly.

Fortunately, we have a workforce of 60,000+ employees across the globe committed to living our purpose and values every day. This Code of Business Ethics provides a critical set of guidelines for our employees to follow in their daily activities, but we know that we could never build a framework that covers every situation our employees may encounter. This is where our purpose, “For Those Who Make The World,” can serve as a North Star for our actions.

When you’re unsure about a decision – or a certain action just doesn’t feel right – ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to do consistent with being for those who make the world?” Our Code of Business Ethics, along with our purpose and values of integrity, accountability, inclusivity, collaboration, courage, innovation, agility and performance, collectively provide an important compass to help ensure ethical and high-integrity behavior.

Thank you for all you do to ensure that Stanley Black & Decker continues to be a high-performing, high-integrity company. Please pay close attention to the details of this Code and ensure that you are operating in alignment with our purpose and values. In addition, if you have questions, concerns or a need to raise behaviors or actions that you believe are not consistent with the Code, contact the individuals listed within or reach out to me directly.




Jim Loree
Chief Executive Officer
Stanley Black & Decker



Courageously Standing for What’s Right.


Achieving Performance We Can Be Proud Of.


Promoting an Inclusive Workplace.


Demonstrating Integrity in All We Do.