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Innovate with Purpose

Innovation is one of our signature strengths. So is our commitment to being purpose-driven.

Together, we look to harness these strengths to develop new products and services that address unmet societal needs and contribute to a better world. We’re also investing in circular design and improving the sustainability of our supply chain to improve the products in our existing portfolio.

2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our products are aimed at being a force for good in the world—helping people climb out of poverty and enabling stable and rewarding work, improving the environment, building and maintaining vital infrastructure, and making our cities more sustainable—especially when produced with responsible consumption in mind.

Our 2030 Goals for Innovate with Purpose

Actions to 2030 Goals

Addressing Unmet Societal Needs
Deliver “Innovation with Purpose” projects designed to enhance people’s lives and contribute 10% of Stanley Black & Decker revenue.

Circular Design
Design products for circularity across material selection, use and end-of-life considerations.

Sustainable Supply Chain
Source raw materials, finished goods, components and services from suppliers that meet environmental and social sustainability criteria; reduce supply chain emissions by 35% by 2030, based on a 2017 baseline. Complete CDP Supply Chain Climate Change assessments for 80% of our supplier spend by 2020.


We are helping the jobsite and outdoor workplace to tap further into cordless power. With our growing relationship with MTD, we are collaborating with this leader in Lawn & Garden on the electrification of outdoor power equipment for both MTD brands and Craftsman.

Pick Your Power—Creating Alternatives to Gas

MTD and Stanley Black & Decker are two leaders in innovative tools and equipment, with excellence in manufacturing, deep connections to their customers and end users, and considerable scale. Together, we are creating high powered, electrified outdoor power equipment that delivers the value and performance that end users need. We can provide a full range of options in the outdoor equipment market, and deliver the power, runtime and value users need in battery-powered equipment to have a true alternative.

In addition, DEWALT continues to build on our unrivalled leadership in high powered cordless. Our FLEXVOLT family now includes a 60v MAX* Brushless Chainsaw with the runtime and power to take on any challenge without the noise, fumes and exhaust that come with gas-powered saws. DEWALT has also brought a cordless 9" concrete cutting saw to market with an efficient and powerful brushless motor. The tool provides long runtime in demanding applications without the drawbacks of gas.

Product Take-Back through Battery Recycling with Call2Recycle

As our product portfolio has grown increasingly cordless, so has our support for and participation in battery recycling. Our partnership with Call2Recycle goes back to 1994, as an original steward—providing the pathway for the materials in our batteries to see a second life rather than being lost to the landfill. Since the beginning of our partnership, Call2Recycle has responsibly recycled more than 123 million pounds of batteries in the U.S.

7-Time Winner

Call2Recycle Leader in Sustainability Award


We believe that a world without plastic pollution is possible and are taking a leading role in finding solutions.

Taking on Plastic Pollution Through Innovative Packaging

In 2018, Stanley Black & Decker joined with leading businesses and governments and signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, an initiative of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the United Nations Environment Programme. The Global Commitment represents a plan to eradicate waste and pollution driven by plastic packaging through a circular economy for plastic and includes over 400 signatories that represent approximately 20 percent of all plastic packaging produced globally. As a signatory, we committed to make our plastic and non-plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

In addition, our STANLEY+Techstars Accelerator inaugurated its second class in 2019 with startups focused on innovating around sustainable packaging and other eco-friendly solutions.

Joining How2Recycle

Stanley Black & Decker is now an official member of How2Recycle,® a service that analyzes packaging and allows us to use on-packaging labels that guide customers on proper recycling. Brands such as STANLEY, DEWALT, and Craftsman industrial tools will feature the How2Recycle label and clear instructions on product packaging. These labels will help build our reputation, as well as guide us on our path to meeting our 2025 goals on packaging.

Supporting the Renewable Energy Industry

As a strong and growing user of renewable energy in our manufacturing plants, we also look to support renewable energy projects across the world.

Renewable Energy Services in South Africa

Our Oil & Gas business is fostering renewable energy services in South Africa, supporting a customer with 22 wind farms, totaling 400 turbines from various manufacturers. Our technicians perform ultrasonic inspections of the blades to flag where repairs are needed.

Renewable Energy Industry Support with NeoBolt

In the burgeoning solar panel market, NeoBolt fasteners from STANLEY Engineered Fastening set the standard for performance and reliability. It’s not just the superior nature of these next-generation fasteners, but how we install them, using high-load capability, battery-driven tools with improved operator ergonomics that improve efficiency—leading to faster builds while eliminating the need for diesel generators and ATVs on worksite. Next generation aluminum NeoBolt pins implement a refined manufacturing process and higher strength material, which eliminates the need for post process heat treating. This reduces the manufacturing carbon footprint and delivers increased product strength while reducing cost and greatly improving electrical grounding performance.

Sustainable Sourcing Update

We aspire to source our raw materials, finished goods, components and services from suppliers that meet our evolving sustainability criteria. In 2018, we launched our science-based target of reducing our Scope 3 emissions 35% by 2030. Toward this goal, in 2019, we broke new ground by rapidly expanding our CDP Supply Chain exercise by asking approximately 1,300 of our suppliers to respond to CDP Supply Chain. This resulted in 850 suppliers declaring their emission data and working with us to reduce our Scope 3 emissions. This was approximately a three-fold increase in the number of suppliers invited to join us on this journey and is good progress toward meeting our 2030 Science Based Target.