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Empowering Makers

Working to prepare millions of makers for a changing world.

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Because the world is changing so quickly, there’s no time to waste in preparing for the future.

The nature of work and jobs keep changing, driven by industrial and technological innovations, but also by transformative events such as the global pandemic and even the looming threat of dislocations brought about by climate change. That’s why we’re so committed to helping our employees and our communities – particularly the next generation – gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive today and tomorrow.

Globally, 10 million jobs in manufacturing remain unfilled due to the skills gap. As a leader in manufacturing and innovation, we’re uniquely positioned to help.

We see fostering an inclusive internal culture of empathy and innovation as a foundational element of our ESG strategy, making us capable of transforming lives both for our people and in the world around us, so we can truly deliver on our purpose.



2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our approach to quality education, SDG 4, and economic growth through decent work, SDG 8, includes upskilling and reskilling as we strive to give people the right tools to make an impact, empowering individuals to find valuable work in skilled professions and supporting more equitable economic growth for their communities.


Actions to Goal

We aim to enable 10 million creators and makers to thrive in a changing world by:


  • Providing skill mobility for all of our employees in a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace
  • Increasing access to makerspaces
  • Partnering to drive STEAM education
  • Nurturing vocational and trade skill

Developing Our Talent

We continue to amplify our investments in our people, as each person’s individual growth and evolution becomes our collective strength.

Empowering Our People

Across our global enterprise, we are working to create immersive and equitable employee experiences animated by our socially and emotionally intelligent culture of belonging – for productive, collaborative and shared excellence.

Recognizing that talent is a competitive advantage, we are investing in building a talent pipeline and a differentiated people experience. Unlocking the synergies of people and technology, we are democratizing training and development with AI-powered platforms and tools – all with the goal of giving our people more power over their work and personal growth trajectories.


Employee Health & Safety

We’re committed to supporting a thriving, productive, “stronger together” culture of safety, respect, inclusion, engagement and well-being for all.

A healthy workforce is how we thrive. Our Wellness Toolkit, Healthy for Life program and other initiatives help employees take care of their physical, financial, mental and social well-being. And we support employees at all levels of the organization in developing their capabilities and careers.

In 2020, we appointed our first Chief Medical Officer, with a mission that includes optimizing the well-being of our employees as we build out our health and wellness infrastructure. While the position is not novel, we are rare in having a working physician in this role. Learn more about our actions


“There’s extraordinary commitment here to well-being. I have the privilege of teaming and traveling across Stanley Black & Decker to listen to our people and raise awareness of what we offer to keep them well and safe, as we work together to meet the challenges of this ever-changing world.”

Dr. Mitchell McClure, Chief Medical Officer


Committed to Closing the Gap

Up to $25M

in Grants Over 5 Years

Upskilling Tomorrow’s Makers

We believe in strategic philanthropy: focusing our giving on practical initiatives with intentional outcomes tied to our purpose and relevant to our business and social ambitions.

Empower Makers Global Impact Challenge

In 2021, we announced a commitment to fund nonprofit initiatives to bring skills and upskilling to makers in communities of need. Through this program, we are committing up to $25 million over a five-year period to fund the vocational and trade skilling and reskilling initiatives of select nonprofits and U.S. public schools. By focusing on displaced workers, the underserved and underrepresented, women, veterans and people of color, we see opportunities to bolster economic prospects and career pipelines.

The Empower Makers Global Impact Challenge took place in October during our annual Maker Month. In our inaugural year, we will be partnering with 86 nonprofits through donations of funds and tools. We expect to empower over 180,000 makers in 2022 as a result. Our grants will serve organizations in the U.S., as well as India, Uganda, Canada, England and Mexico. Learn more about the Global Impact Challenge


Maker Month

Our fourth annual Maker Month in October celebrated the makers and creators shaping the world around us with a “Thank a Maker” theme, showing gratitude to the skilled trade workers playing an essential role in keeping services operational during the ongoing pandemic. The extended event spotlights careers in the trades, partnering with trade professionals to share their personal experiences and pathways.

Throughout Maker Month, we shine a light on the trade skills gap – a challenge facing today’s global workforce. Due to a lack of skilled trade workers, there are 650,000 open construction jobs in the U.S. alone(1) and 10 million unfilled manufacturing jobs globally(2). Learn more about Maker Month

(1) “Construction Industry Faces Workforce Shortage of 650,000 in 2022,”  Associated Builders and Contractors.
(2) “The Future of Manufacturing: Opportunities to drive economic growth,” World Economic Forum.


Since 1843, we’ve been committed to the communities where we work and live. We proudly carry that legacy forward today, in many locations around the world. We empower our employees to be makers in their own communities, helping to build homes and rebuild after natural disasters. We donate tools and sustain tool-lending programs to respond to emergencies. And we provide volunteer opportunities for our employees to give back to the organizations that matter most to them. Learn more about our philanthropic efforts

Human Rights

We commit to respect and support human rights in accordance with international standards and guidelines such as the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We annually review and update our policies and commitments such as the Modern Slavery Act Statement and SBD Human Right Policy Statement. Learn more about our Human Rights Policy

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