Innovate with Purpose

Value Beyond Profits

Innovating our products to enhance the lives of 500 million people and improve environmental impacts.

Groundbreaking innovations and a continual stream of novel solutions have driven our success and will continue to do so.

We harness our strengths to develop new products and services that fulfill critical societal needs and help to create a better world for us all.

Enhance the Lives of 500 Million People by 2030




Addressing Unmet Societal Needs

Deliver “Innovation with Purpose” projects that enhance the lives of 500 million people.

Embrace Circular Design

Design products for circularity across material selection, use and end-of-life considerations, with a near term goal of 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.



Achieve a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Work with suppliers to achieve superior social and environmental performance. By 2025, two-thirds of our supply chain by spend will develop science-based Scope 1 and Scope 2 targets. By 2030, we’ve committed to reducing our absolute Scope 3 emissions by 35% compared to a 2017 baseline. This means all new growth from 2017 on will need to be emissions free in addition to reducing the emissions associated with our 2017 sales volume by 35%.



Our products are aimed at being a force for good in the world—helping people climb out of poverty and enabling stable and rewarding work, improving the environment, building and maintaining vital infrastructure, and making our cities more sustainable—especially when produced with responsible consumption in mind.

Products with Purpose (PWP)

Inspired by our purpose, we are actively working to make the world more sustainable through our innovative products and services. Through our work, we aim to improve the environmental and societal impacts of our products across their lifecycle, including design, use and end of life.

Our “Products with Purpose” are defined as:

  1. Contributing to U.N. Sustainable Development Goal targets
  2. Addressing unmet societal needs within the Social Progress Index
  3. Achieving a level of innovation that exceeds incremental improvement

Here are products that meet this definition:

Ford/3M/DEWALT Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

This collaboration between Ford, 3M and Stanley Black & Decker came together quickly to create portable respirators to support the response to COVID-19. Ford contributed the blower and handled the final assembly, 3M supplied the air filter and we provided the DEWALT batteries and charger as well as design input on a custom wiring harness. Learn more about the collaboration


SEF Cartridges for COVID-19 Tests

This innovation from STANLEY Engineered Fastening is targeted to serve people who live in rural areas with no access to sophisticated diagnostic testing. The initial target: over 800 million people in rural India. Accuracy levels are comparable to alternative methods that require million-dollar equipment, temperature-controlled facilities and highly trained technicians. The versatile, WHO certified product is easy to use with minimal training. It can handle multiple biological specimens (blood, saliva, etc.) and is therefore applicable to a wide variety of tests, but its first widespread use is in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Widely used in India, the product is scheduled for deployment in over a dozen countries on three continents in 2021.


STANLEY Healthcare Proximity Management/Contact Tracing Solution

For years, STANLEY Healthcare has offered real-time location systems (RTLS) for people and equipment. At the outset of the pandemic, we looked for solutions to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19. This resulted in significant innovative improvements to our RTLS offerings, adding contact tracing, advanced reporting to support safer workplace design and policies, and upgraded tags that can promote social distancing through vibration. In less than three months, the product achieved first sale and is being used to help keep our facilities open and employees safe.



DeepHow is the only AI-enabled knowledge transfer tool for the manual trades. It allows companies to scale up their job shadow training program using rich, interactive video in minutes. With DeepHow, companies can record their own experts doing real work, create a reusable reference library of content (in multiple languages) and, most importantly, do it in minutes, without special equipment or video tech skills. This product accelerates the upskill process, which is another way to help close the skills gap.


Arbutus Medical: A Collaboration for the Greater Good

In our commitment to improve the lives of 500 million people, we collaborated with Arbutus in their latest innovation, the SteriTrak®. This kit powered by DEWALT and Arbutus Medical’s DrillCover technology allows for the fastest possible surgical treatment of painful bone fractures in emergency rooms. SteriTrak includes a modified DEWALT DCD701 drill and a 12" specialized pin for a quick and easy skeletal traction procedure. Bone fractures are a traumatic event, but with SteriTrak, patients experience a shorter and less distressing operation. Our Global Tools & Storage business provides Arbutus Medical with product documentation to enable international medical device regulatory certifications. STANLEY Healthcare is currently assisting with supplementary advice on pricing, marketing and enhanced product offerings.


DGP Hand Sanitizer

Building on our Techstars partnership with Dynamic Green Products (DGP), a bio-based producer of eco-friendly high-performance solutions, we launched a new line of FDA-listed hand sanitizer gel to help combat COVID-19. Under the STANLEY® brand, the hand sanitizer is being sold online at, as well as other leading retail outlets. The gel is made from a unique, plant-based thickener and 72% ethyl alcohol, killing 99.99% of germs, and is independently tested by a microbiology lab.

As part of our commitment to keeping our employees safe throughout the pandemic and doing our part to help communities mitigate the effects of the virus, Stanley Black & Decker distributed the hand sanitizer in each of our facilities around the globe. In addition, we donated $100,000 worth of the hand sanitizer to those in critical need at senior living facilities through STANLEY Healthcare.


Furniture Assembly Tool (FAT) Screwdriver with Innovative Chuck

This screwdriver with an innovative chuck design allows the grasping of common furniture assembly tools such as Allen wrenches, helping drive our end users toward more sustainable “Ready to Assemble” (RTA) furniture options. This type of furniture reduces transportation emissions by optimizing the packaging, and a major retailer in the space is committed to the sustainable sourcing of materials for this furniture.


More Sustainable Materials

The materials and components used to construct our products account for a large portion of the total emissions footprint associated with our business. Our strategy is to identify and incorporate better materials that deliver the functionality we’re looking for with lower impact. We’re starting with procuring higher levels of recycled content in the materials we already purchase but are also open to new material options.

Investing in Sustainable Materials via STANLEY Ventures

Stanley Ventures has sought out and invested in companies focused on bringing various sustainable materials and processes to market.

  • Boxologic, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of a robotic instant-size packaging production using cutting-edge technology for eCommerce fulfillment.
  • OCCO, a New York-based provider of organic spices and sustainable, aluminum food packaging.
  • Dynamic Green Products (DGP), a Texas-based provider of more sustainable lubricants, cleaners and absorbents, including our recently released hand sanitizer.
  • Prieto Battery, a Colorado-based manufacturer driving innovation in more sustainable 3D solid-state lithium-ion battery technology.


Energy Efficiency

As the effects of climate change become increasingly more obvious, energy efficiency has gone from being a smart business model to a societal imperative. We continue to do our part.

Electrification to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use in Outdoor Products

As a leader in innovation, sustainability and product excellence, Stanley Black & Decker is focused on developing lower emission solutions in outdoor power equipment that deliver leading performance, runtime and value. In addition, these products reduce noise pollution and are often demanded around schools, universities, hospitals and senior living facilities. Our 2020 sales of electric string trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and walk-behind mowers totaled $650 million, and if those products had been gas powered, it would have resulted in an additional 168,000 metric tons of CO2e over the lifetime of these products. This is equivalent to 417 million miles driven by a passenger vehicle. Our future plans include continuing to drive the expansion of electric platforms in high volume, low adoption products like walk-behind mowers and, through our collaborations with MTD, additionally invest in electrifying even larger outdoor equipment.


STANLEY Engineered Fastening: Solutions for EV and Hybrids

Our $800 million automotive focused fastening business is a critical supplier to the OEM producers and is intimately involved in the design and manufacturing of vehicles. We are working with our customers to enable the shift from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric and hybrid by providing fastening solutions that enable lightweighting, electrical grounding and new applications for the battery system and more. This shift is not just an enabler for lower emissions, but also a growth catalyst for the company as the potential for fastener penetration per vehicle grows 3–6 times from the approximately $10/car in ICE vehicles today.


The Drive for Cordless on the Jobsite

Tapping further into cordless power helps maximize portability while creating a safer customer workplace with fewer electric cords and pneumatic hoses. Plus, we continue to improve energy efficiency and runtime. Our premium DEWALT brand continues its unrivalled leadership in high performance cordless tools to tackle demanding applications on the jobsite with an expansion of its FLEXVOLT battery-powered lineup.


At Stanley Black & Decker, we’re combatting plastic pollution through innovative packaging and have pledged to make all our packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by the year 2025. Learn more about our packaging breakdown by spend

We are also focusing innovation on the size of packaging, decreasing the amount of packaging material needed and increasing the number of products that fit on a pallet and in a shipping container—saving on both transportation costs and environmental impact.


Product Take-Back Through Battery Recycling with Call2Recycle

With an ever-expanding portfolio of cordless products across our brands, we continue our support for extensive, environmentally friendly battery recycling programs. Through our founding partnership with Call2Recycle, we provide consumers a straightforward way to participate in innovative, sustainable initiatives that avoid batteries being consigned to landfill. In 2020, Call2Recycle responsibly recycled 8.4 million pounds of batteries across the U.S., an 11% increase from 2019.


Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are core to our future and intertwined in our culture.

To foster rapid, pervasive and sustainable innovation and to capitalize on the pace of change, we have advanced our innovation ecosystem. It is designed to maximize the potential of internal resources and external partnerships through collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs, academic institutions, research labs and other parties. Together we are exploring key technologies, new materials and new thinking that can be applied to our manufacturing and business processes as well as result in sustainable innovation For Those Who Make The World™.

Techstars Sustainability Challenge

The Techstars Sustainability Challenge brings together founders and industry leaders in sustainability. Stanley Black & Decker is a supporting partner and key participant. This equity-free challenge connects promising startups and innovators with industry-leading corporate partners to build out real-world solutions. 2020’s innovation focus: creating more sustainable supply chains through data and automation solutions and reducing materials and end-of-life impact.


Joining Greentown Labs as a Corporate Partner

Stanley Black & Decker has joined Greentown Labs, North America's largest climatetech incubator, as its newest Terawatt Partner -- the highest level of engagement with the incubator. The partnership facilitates our ability to engage directly with the startup community to accelerate climatetech innovations to make tangible positive impacts toward climate change. We also gain access to curated startup pitch days with innovations from emerging technology sectors, and obtain a seat on Greentown’s Advisory Board. Dina Routhier, President of STANLEY Ventures, will serve on the Advisory Board for 2021. A unique element of the partnership—and an impressive addition to the Greentown community—is the Stanley Black & Decker Tool Shop that we are establishing on-site at Greentown’s headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts. This shop’s donated tools and equipment will be made available to Greentown’s community of more than 100 climatetech startups, and we will provide training to Greentown’s entrepreneur-makers to ensure a seamless and safe user experience. Learn more about our partnership