Innovate with Purpose

Innovate with Purpose

Value Beyond Profits

Innovating our products to enhance the lives of 500 million people and improve environmental impacts.

Global sustainable development challenges remain profound, with one in five people living in extreme poverty and 40% of the global population affected by water scarcity serving as jarring examples.

We make products and service that help create and shape the world, and have the ability to partner even more broadly to create new solutions to meet global societal needs. Matching social impact to our business presents new and exciting commercial opportunities. Through our work, we aim to improve the positive, societal impacts of our products across their lifecycle, including design, use and end of life.

Innovate Our Products to Enhance the Lives of 500 Million People by 2030




Addressing Unmet Societal Needs

Deliver “innovation with purpose” projects, which address unmet societal needs, improve the lives of 500 million people, and contribute 10% of Stanley Black & Decker revenue.

Circular Design

Design products for circularity across material selection, use and end-of-life considerations.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Source raw materials, finished goods, components and services from suppliers that meet environmental and social sustainability criteria; reduce supply chain emissions by 35% by 2030, based on a 2017 baseline. Complete CDP Supply Chain Climate Change assessments for 80% of our supplier spend by 2020.

New Business Models

Decouple revenue from resource use by increasing the share of revenue from services versus products.


Our products are aimed at being a force for good in the world — helping people climb up out of poverty, improving the environment, building and maintaining vital infrastructure, making our cities more sustainable — especially when produced with responsible consumption in mind.

Innovation with Purpose Products

We have a goal to positively impact 500 million people through innovation with purpose products by 2030.  We define an innovation with purpose product as:

  1. Contributing to Sustainable Development Goal targets
  2. Addressing unmet societal needs within the Social Progress Index
  3. Achieving a level of innovation that exceeds incremental improvement.

Here are products that meet this definition:


NADI, our first product under the STANLEY Earth® brand, is an innovative response to a problem that has plagued rural India: the lack of reliable, clean energy to drive irrigation. This clean-technology solution combines our core competency in brushless DC motors with solar power, creating an off-the-grid water pump solution for rural farmers.

With this innovation, small farms that could only grow vegetables will be able to harvest hundreds of kilograms of grain. With consistent water supply from our solar pumps, farmers across India can grow multiple crops in a year, helping to improve their quality of life and feed many more people. Our vision is to ultimately deliver a Solar Agricultural Platform, with a pump that not only enables affordable and efficient irrigation, but also integrates innovative technologies such as precision farming through IoT, drip irrigation, cold storage and off-grid energy.

The STANLEY Earth Clean Tech Pump was nominated for a Financial Times / International Finance Corporation Transformational Business Award for Achievement in Sustainable Development: Food, Water and Land.

STANLEY Earth’s First Product: The NADI Smart Solar Pump


When disaster hits and takes out the electrical grid, responders and work crews need power quickly to rescue people, clear roads, power lights and bring infrastructure back on line. Our new STANLEY Portable Power Hub can help. This system provides clean, quiet, renewable and virtually limitless energy (with solar panels) in areas where power is inaccessible. This year, it got its baptism in the emergency response to Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. A team of Stanley Black & Decker volunteers were stationed outside of Wilmington, North Carolina, helping a community devastated by the floods. This team saw first-hand the value of this rechargeable, solar-powered hub, as they were able to respond immediately and swiftly.

STANLEY Power Hub providing power at a construction site


Arbutus Medical identified an issue with current Orthopedic drills; they are too expensive for many facilities in global markets, and make surgeons reliant on lengthy cleaning processes.  Through the concept of frugal innovation, Arbutus developed a solution that combines our non-medical grade, DEWALT 12-Volt Construction Screwdriver with their DrillCover Hex Linen which Arbutus states is waterproof and acts as a pathogen barrier.  The solution reduces the costs of traditional, surgical power drills by as much as 30x and offers quick turnaround if the end-use facility owns multiple linens.  The reduced cost is critical to providing powered surgical tools in emerging markets that otherwise would be reliant upon manual hand drills.

While Arbutus takes the lead in offering this solution for medical purposes, we support them on their mission where possible. For example, we allow their inspectors into our facilities so they can achieve their FDA and Health Canada certifications.  We also endeavor to keep Arbutus updated on any design changes to the DEWALT products we have been advised are being used.  These activities provide Arbutus the stability it needs to do forward-thinking product design and certification planning.

We are delighted to see companies like Arbutus who are creating responsible, practical innovations that employ our existing products in a way that addresses palpable, global societal needs.

Arbutus DrillCover Hex System, utilizing the DEWALT DCF610 Driver,
Batteries and Charger


Dura-Glide GreenStar, an energy efficient sliding automatic door from STANLEY Access Technologies, meets stringent air infiltration testing standards to help businesses save on average over $500* per door/per year in heating and cooling costs.

*Reducing 6' opening to 4' on typical 14' bi-part for 90 days summer and 90 days winter, 1500 cycles/day.

The latest innovation in sustainability and energy savings from STANLEY Access Technologies: The Dura-Glide GreenStar Automatic Slide Door.

Our hand tools team team identified that tradespeople using snips often suffer with carpel tunnel syndrome and designed a family of DEWALT Aviation Snips that require 15% less muscle energy* than our competitors and our prior generation of snips. This reduction in muscle energy during use reduces the risk of ergonomic injury for our users.

**DWHT14673 compared to DWHT70280 / DWHT14674 compared to DWHT70281 / DWHT14675 compared to DWHT70279 / DWHT14676 compared to DWHT70278/AND compared to leading competitors.

DEWALT® Ergonomic Aviation Snips: More Cuts. Less Effort.

The 6" and 9" BREAKAWAY™ Blades have a BREAKAWAY™ feature that allows the user to remove the used section of the blade and then reinsert the unused section back into the saw. Taking blade life, speed of cut, and material usage in aggregate, the BREAKAWAY™ Blades end up performing two times better than our traditional blade offerings.

DEWALT® BREAKAWAY™ Blade: It’s like getting two blades in one.


STANLEY Engineered Fastening collaborates with its automaker customers to develop joining technologies and systems designed for lighter, thinner materials. Such lightweighting innovations create greener cars, as does our use of recycled plastic in our piping clips to deliver further ECOSMART™ advantages.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening provides a total system - from unique and custom fasteners to the systems and tools that assemble them - all to maximize customer productivity, minimize costs and contribute to ECOSMART™ performance.


This global motorsports brand partnership with DS Virgin Racing provides a new platform for Stanley Black & Decker to help develop breakthrough and sustainable innovations for the electric vehicle and mobility industries. DS Virgin Racing is one of the founding and leading teams in the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship — the world’s first fully electric single-seater racing series.

As part of the agreement, STANLEY Engineered Fastening will provide technical and operational support to the DS Virgin Racing team. Along with providing tools, fastening systems and other high performance products to the team, we will be collaborating with the team’s engineers to help develop future technologies.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s innovations are helping to make the future of the electric car possible by enabling cars to be lighter weight. This partnership with another highly purpose-driven organization working towards a carbon positive future underscores our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Fully Electric Racecar

Combatting Plastic Pollution Through Innovative Packaging

Stanley Black & Decker has committed to make all of our plastic and non-plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. We believe that a world without plastic pollution is possible, and are taking action to ensure we are part of that solution. We have joined with leading businesses and governments and signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, an initiative of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and United Nations Environment Programme. The Global Commitment represents a plan to eradicate waste and pollution driven by plastic packaging through a circular economy for plastic, and includes 250 signatories that represent approximately 20 percent of all plastic packaging produced globally.

In 2018, Stanley Black & Decker ran a successful inaugural year for our STANLEY+Techstars Accelerator, focused on Additive Manufacturing. In 2019, our Accelerator program will not only consider startups focused in this field, but also companies innovating around sustainable packaging. Utilizing our Accelerator program to attract world class talent focused on eco-friendly solutions furthers our commitment in this space.