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We keep your world running seamlessly in ways both unnoticeable and remarkable. Our fastening systems connect the world’s cars and electronics, and our infrastructure solutions build the world’s roads, pipelines and sewer systems.

For manufacturers, our engineered fastening business meets assembly challenges around the world with innovative, customized and integrated solutions and systems. For oil and gas companies, we provide equipment and services for virtually every aspect of onshore and offshore pipeline construction and inspection. And for heavy construction and demolition, our family of powerful mounted and handheld hydraulic products are the undisputed leader in rebuilding infrastructure.

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Engineered Fastening Solutions

STANLEY Engineered Fastening partners with leading manufacturers to develop unique, customized solutions and systems for the most complex fastening and assembly challenges in the world. From automotive assembly and industrial construction to computers, mobile telecommunications, solar panels and appliances, we deliver the right solution, every time.

“We are EcoSmart™ in many ways.  We can help our customers reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles, while investing a lot of time and effort in the factories. If you walk around the building, you will see only LED lighting, with the excess energy of machines being used to heat the facility.” - Thomas Ehrhardt, President, Global Automotive, Marketing, Germany

Pipeline Services

STANLEY Oil & Gas provides world-class pipeline services and equipment in more than 100 countries, offshore and onshore, working under the most extreme conditions and over the most difficult terrains. We deliver the infrastructure and resources needed to serve pipeline contractors anywhere on earth—ensuring higher quality welds and lower downtime from start to finish.

Infrastructure Products

STANLEY Infrastructure provides tools and services for big jobs like building roads, repairing utilities, raising bridges and laying railroads. We offer an extensive line of products for use in construction, demolition, scrap processing, recycling, underwater construction and specialty trades.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing (CAM) specializes in collaborating with commercial aerospace and defense customers to develop application-based solutions that satisfy their specific needs. CAM delivers industry-leading technical expertise, deep customer relationships and over 40 years of history in providing industry-leading service and solutions as a strategic partner in the supply of highly engineered aerospace components.

Global Leader in Industrial Solutions


of new automobiles and light trucks in Europe and North America use our engineered fasteners


world’s largest manmade movable object—welded by STANLEY Oil & Gas


bleachers demolished by our LaBounty crushers