Product & Strategy - Michael Reynolds

Mike Reynolds
Ideation and Innovation Strategy
New Britain, Connecticut


For Mike, the question isn’t what motivates him at work. It’s what doesn’t.

"I’m working with incredibly bright and passionate people who are all committed to delivering on our company’s commitment to establishing Stanley Black & Decker as a world-class innovator," he said. "I get to work with people across all business units and functions to develop concepts that could create entirely new businesses for this great company. Opportunity is everywhere, and I wake up every day grateful for the chance to pursue it."

And he says the commitment to innovation starts at the top.

"In my role, nothing is more valuable than the commitment of our leaders to innovation. I have colleagues in comparable roles at other organizations who spend most of their time trying to get basic buy-in from the top," Mike said. "Our ‘top’ is what has given me the ability to try things I could never have tried at other organizations."

As an example, Mike said that he was recently on a call with the head of innovation of one of our businesses and his manager. They were discussing a plan to thread together a completely new data-driven business that would feed one of our businesses but also counter the disruption in the industry it serves.

"By mid-morning, we’d had a rough blueprint of what we wanted to do and had already surfaced it through the heads of innovation within our new centralized innovation organization," he said. "By mid-afternoon we were working with the head of our Ventures team to set up meetings, and by evening, we had a meeting with the CEO on the calendar to work through the strategy. That kind of speed and agility is core to how this company operates, and it just doesn’t happen like that everywhere else."

Mike said he’s mindful of just how far this company has progressed in recent years.

"About a year ago we began running mindfulness meditation calls for anyone who wanted to join one across the entire company," he said. "About eight months after we created this group on Workplace, our company Facebook, we’ve got more than 650 people involved. I’m always mindful (no pun here) of just how extraordinary it is that I work for a 175-year-old company that has so readily adopted a practice we’ve come to expect from the likes of Silicon Valley innovators."