Advanced Manufacturing - Mathuzalem de Melo Jr.

Mathuzalem de Melo Jr.
Senior IIOT Software Engineer
Hartford, Connecticut


Mathuzalem was listening to a program on public radio when he heard an interview with a Stanley Black & Decker leader, talking about the company’s vision and commitment to Industry 4.0.

"I knew right then and there that I had to come work for this company," he said. "The 22/22 Vision puts Industry 4.0 and innovation in the spotlight and it is what I live and breathe so I knew there couldn’t be a better time to join Stanley Black & Decker."

Mathuzalem is working to seamlessly integrate the various machinery and systems affected on our journey in Industry 4.0. He says he has a model he follows to help him succeed. He calls it "3D+" and it stands for "Determination, Discipline, Dedication and positive Disruption."

"It’s really helped me keep moving forward and reaching my goals," he said. "I really have great joy in building solutions for end users, to solve their problems. That success really motivates me at work."

Outside of work, Mathuzalem focuses on ways to give back, including teaching Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art, to inner-city kids. He also works with local colleges and technical schools to help students understand the interview process.


"Community is so important, whether it is where you live or where you work," he said. "So I always think about a way to give back because it reminds me of how I overcame all the challenges in my life."