Orlando G.

Vice President, B2C Customer Service

Meet Orlando, who oversees our award-winning customer service initiatives.
Portrait of Orlando G.

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of modern corporate effectiveness.

Orlando G.
Vice President, B2C Customer Service

What does it take to provide award-winning customer service? Dedication, self-evaluation and innovation. To better serve our end users, our customer service team is constantly re-assessing their procedures and developing new state-of-the-art strategies. We refer to it as our “end user obsession.” The goal is to answer end users’ questions expediently and thoroughly and work together to ensure they have the best possible experience with our products. But a desire to establish meaningful connections is central to our customer service strategy. This, above all, is responsible for our success.  

These efforts resulted in more than five international awards and the highest customer satisfaction scores in the latest Management Top 250 rankings. To learn more about our customer service initiatives, we spoke to Orlando G., Vice President, B2C Customer Service. 


What does it mean to be recognized for customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of modern corporate effectiveness. Being recognized for our efforts in this area is a great honor and speaks volumes to the success of our strategy.  


How does our commitment to customer satisfaction impact the bottom line? 

People buy products from the brands they trust. For brands to gain trust, they need to deliver a great experience across the customer's journey. This earned trust becomes a key differentiator for an end user when deciding between products. 


What does an All-Star customer service employee bring to the table? 

An all-star employee is a person who understands, first and foremost, that they are an ambassador of our brand, a gatekeeper of our promise of quality, and it’s their job to build a connection with our end users while helping them achieve their goals. 


How does Stanley Black & Decker differentiate itself from other companies regarding customer satisfaction? 

The idea of customer satisfaction being an “obsession” is something we take quite literally. We obsess over each interaction with our end users and try to exceed their expectations and create powerful connections. After each interaction, we evaluate our performance to ensure it reached our high standards. We have a state-of-the-art Customer Support operation that’s constantly evolving to better serve our end users. 


How strong are the connections we form with our end users? 

Very strong. In the past six months, our team has received over a hundred wedding invitations! 

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