Leadership Program Alumni - Hanyang Zhang

Hanyang Zhang
European Environmental Product Stewardship Specialist
Czech Republic

“The program really helped me to be open-minded. I met a lot of other SLPs from all over the world. It is fascinating to see how different people from diverse cultures deal with the same issue. The network you build within the program is something truly precious.”

Hanyang says there’s no one famous she wants to meet. Instead, she admires those dedicated to a single pursuit.

“I think it’s very admirable for one person to spend a lifetime perfecting one thing, and never giving up,” she said.

For Hanyang, that one thing – at least right now – is data. As a European Environmental Product Stewardship Specialist, she’s responsible for supporting our business to make sure all environmental data is collected accurately, maintained properly and declared according to the legislation.

She started at Stanley Black & Decker in 2015 as a Supply Chain Management intern. In 2016, she entered the Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Program (SLP) for young professionals, known as SLPs.

During the SLP program, Hanyang was part of a team that was supporting the production launch of DeWalt power tools in the UK.

“Because we introduced power tool productions into a hand tools plant that had never dealt with power tools before, there was a lot of learning and adapting to be done,” she said. “We were part of making sure these two dramatically different operations ran seamlessly and effectively. It was a wonderful and challenging experience, I learned a lot from it.”

But her biggest lesson?

“Don’t be shy!” she said. “I had read that research shows that most relationships start with asking for a favor. Well, we had to ask a lot of questions and a lot of favors, and no one ever said no. So now I encourage everyone to speak up and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Here, there will be someone to answer.”