Sales and Marketing Development Program - Drea Salazar

Drea Salazar
Hand Tool, Accessory and Storage Manager – West Region
Global Tools & Storage
Arizona, United States

“My most rewarding experiences in SMDP came from relationship building and people management. I reflect back on the unique opportunity to manage people early in my career. It helped my self-awareness, communication skills, and professional growth tremendously. I could not have handled the new leadership role I am in today without it.”

Drea is currently a HTAS (Hand Tools, Accessory and Storage) Specialist Manager within our Global Tools & Storage Independent Channel (I.C.) Field Sales business. She started her career in the Sales and Marketing Development Program known as SMDP on the Home Depot retail team in 2011.

During her three years in Sales & Marketing Development Program (SMDP) Drea experienced multiple roles including sales coordinator, market manager and field marketing. These provided a strong product, marketing and sales foundation before she entered I.C. Field Sales.

Drea’s advice to future SMDPs?

“Take time to develop peer and mentor relationships but don’t forget to pay it forward,” she said. “A new challenge or obstacle becomes less daunting when you have strong network to get advice from. Even early in your career you have valuable experiences and perspectives to draw from. Everyone benefits when you share what you’ve learned.”