Internships - Kathleen Yorio

Kathleen Yorio
Treasury Intern
United States

“The culture at Stanley Black & Decker is very motivating. Everyone is working hard to grow the company together and always thinking of the next step. I didn’t expect to feel so valued and appreciated, but the team was always available for questions and excited to see the progression of my work.”

At the end of her 10-week summer internship experience, Kathleen had some advice for Stanley Black & Decker on improving the program.

“You’ve got to get the word out there,” she said. “It’s such an amazing experience, and I want to make sure that other college students know that working as an intern at this company will exceed any of your expectations. It was amazing!”

Kathleen worked at our company’s headquarters in Connecticut, as part of our treasury team. She worked on a number of projects, including building a live document for the company’s legal tax structure to identify net worth and assess the company’s hedging strategy. She also worked cross-functionally on a team that created a standardized training platform for new hires in the company’s manufacturing plants.

Kathleen says there were also less concrete but still valuable takeaways from her experience.

“I learned to be flexible and adaptable when working with people – to be focused on how to make a project better,” she said. “And communication is key. It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Overall, this was an incredibly fulfilling experience.”