What does it mean to be a “Force for Good?”

Companies have an obligation to act responsibly, and that’s why demonstrating our values in every area of our business is an essential priority. Through our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, we believe we have the power to significantly impact our communities. 

Everyone benefits when companies try to improve the world. We’re fostering inclusive working environments and helping talented individuals reach their potential. We’re investing in training initiatives for the people who build our homes, infrastructure and city skylines.  

Innovative new technology is resulting in a cleaner, more sustainable world. Developing these breakthroughs will not only lead to decarbonization and smaller environmental footprints but can also generate greater value for our stakeholders.  

Our ESG goals are divided into three key focuses, including targets for People, Product and Planet. 


Supporting the People Who Make Our World

The nature of work is evolving. Advancements in technology have introduced new opportunities — and challenges — to the jobsite. To address these changes, we’re supporting programs and organizations that focus on training and reskilling tradespeople and empowering the next generation to succeed in their careers.  

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) objectives aim to amplify everyone’s unique voices and create positive environments where everyone can thrive. Celebrating individuals not only ensures future business success but is also the moral thing to do. 


Innovation With a Purpose 

We believe in the potential of our products — not only to improve workflows and increase safety but also to benefit the environment. By embracing electrification and eliminating unnecessary plastics, we’re ingraining sustainability into everything we do.  


Creating a Cleaner Planet 

As we address the urgent challenges of climate change, we’re transforming our worldwide operations. To reduce our environmental footprint, we’re limiting the use of plastic in our packaging and have turned to clean, renewable energy sources to decarbonize our operations.

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