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Stanley Black & Decker Manufactory 4.0

Manufactory 4.0: Our Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence

Technology is completely and rapidly altering the world around us, including the products we use and the places where we work.

It’s also transforming manufacturing. And our new state-of-the-art Manufactory 4.0 in Hartford, Connecticut, is the epicenter for the company’s global Industry 4.0 “smart factory” and workforce upskilling initiatives – making manufacturing more efficient, productive and adaptable.

Hear from our employees how Manufactory 4.0 is unlocking new jobs, new skills and new technology that will scale for our industry.

Jim Loree - Chief Executive Officer of Stanley Black & Decker

"We are living in an era where the impact of technology has begun to exceed the ability of society to absorb the pace of change, and to succeed, companies and individuals need to be able to expand their capacity to absorb rapid change and adapt faster than ever before. Manufactory 4.0 serves as the heartbeat of our company’s Industry 4.0 efforts, helping our manufacturing operations rapidly adopt leading-edge technologies and ensuring our global workforce is prepared for this new world through upskilling and re-skilling efforts."

Jim Loree, Chief Executive Officer



Named after Stanley Black & Decker's historic Manufactory – our company's first plant in Connecticut founded in 1843 – this new facility showcases advanced manufacturing technologies and how they'll be implemented into facilities around the world. Here, about 50 Industry 4.0 experts focus on innovations such as art modular robotic automation cells, mobile robots and collaborative robots.




Our Manufactory 4.0 allows us to better serve customers through greater flexibility of production and resource optimization – enabling our employees to build locally and suit our customers’ needs. We’re empowering people to run flexible systems, lead collaborative robots and interpret real-time data to make empowered decisions.

Meet a few of our Advanced Manufacturing employees


Sudhi Bangalore - VP of Industry 4.0

"The Manufactory and the work we do here will not only benefit Stanley Black & Decker, but will serve as a hub to connect with younger audiences about what makes manufacturing compelling and exciting. From this Center of Excellence, we’ll be able to more rapidly test and deploy technologies at our many manufacturing facilities and deeply engage with a wide range of public and private partners.”

Sudhi Bangalore, VP of Industry 4.0