Garrett H.

DEI Specialist, HR SLP

Meet Garrett, a Human Resources professional who’s found a successful career and meaningful mentorship as part of the Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Program (SLP).
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Mentorship has helped create a sense of belonging and comfort at Stanley Black & Decker.

Garrett H.
DEI Specialist, HR SLP

After graduating with a master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations, Garrett was drawn to the company because of our focus on social betterment, along with his “blue-collar upbringing where Stanley Black & Decker’s brands were ever-present.” With his passion for DEI, Garrett started his first rotation in our leadership program during the summer of 2022.  

“I was attracted to the SLP for its ability to expose me to an array of new and exciting experiences, both personally and professionally,” says Garrett. 

Participants in the SLP can elect to partner with a mentor. Mentorship provides the opportunity for SLPs to openly discuss their career ambitions and build camaraderie with more senior employees.  

“Having grown up without any family or friends who held white-collar occupations, the support and breadth of experiences my mentor shared with me consistently set me up for success,” Garrett says.


There’s Science Behind the Mentoring Magic

The Mentoring & Onboarding Committee (MOC) oversees the SLP mentoring program. Their goal is to assist participants as they transition into roles within the company. They employ software to pair prospective mentees with a mentor. To quantify a potential match’s compatibility, this software evaluates criteria like career area, job title and personal objectives.


Building a Personal Connection

The newly partnered pair receives resources from the MOC that help them set goals and expectations as they begin their mentoring relationship. Garrett matched with Lauren B., a Change Management Specialist who currently serves on the MOC. At the beginning of their relationship, they told each other their stories, discussed their mutual passion for DEI and shared the circumstances that led them here.  

“Our bond is predicated on an understanding of each other’s experiences and an appreciation for each other, not only as professionals but as people,” says Garrett. “She has provided me a platform to grow outside my comfort zone.” 

For Lauren, Garrett has become a reliable and trusted confidant. “We share our accomplishments and cheer each other’s wins. We balance the act of mentee/mentor to support each other when we need it,” she says. “We are continuously learning from each other on our journeys.” 

I’ll always be thankful for the opportunity to know and work with Lauren.

Garrett H.
DEI Specialist, HR SLP

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