Empower Makers
Empower Makers

Skills for
the Future

Enable 10 million creators and makers to thrive in a changing world.

We are committed to helping our employees and communities, particularly the next generation, gain the skills and expertise needed to thrive in this changing world.

The nature of work and jobs keeps changing, driven by industrial and technological innovations, but also by transformative events such as the global pandemic and even the looming threat of dislocations brought about by climate change. Globally, 10 million jobs in manufacturing remain unfilled due to skill gaps. We are uniquely positioned to help.






STEAM Education

Enable people to access STEAM education and training to improve livelihoods and help support the workforce of tomorrow.


Vocational and Trade Skills

Help people develop cutting-edge vocational and trade skills.


Makerspace Training

Enrich the education, creativity and hands-on job experience of people through makerspaces around the world.


Employee Career Mobility

Prepare employees for career mobility relevant for Industry 4.0 by supporting their upskilling and repurposing.




Since 1843, Stanley Black & Decker has been committed to the communities where we work and live. We proudly carry that legacy forward today, in many locations around the world. We empower our employees to be makers in their own communities, helping to build homes and rebuild after natural disasters. We donate tools and sustain tool-lending programs to respond to emergencies. And we provide volunteer opportunities for our employees to give back to the organizations that matter most to them. View our most recent Philanthropy Report

Innovation Generation

Innovation Generation™, a collaboration with Discovery Education, brings the maker movement to classrooms, inviting students and educators to explore numerous disciplines through building, making and doing.

The Making for Good Challenge was launched in September 2019. Following a six-step engineering design process, teams of students were challenged to develop a unique solution to an environmental or societal problem. The grand-prize-winning team will receive a total of $15,000 and an exclusive Stanley Black & Decker virtual mentorship. Winners will be announced in Spring 2020.

Innovation Generation – Making an Impact ignites, engages, and empowers makers with digital resources created to cultivate collaboration, problem solving and STEAM skillsets in students through real-world explorations.


Bringing the classroom into the factory. We’re empowering the next generation of makers by welcoming a select group of teens into our facility in Tennessee, where they spend half a day gaining valuable real-world skills. The other half of the day they return to the classroom –built right inside the plant. The unique initiative known as the Local Options and Opportunities Program, or LOOP, partners industry leaders with the Tennessee school system to provide opportunities for students who may not have otherwise been given a chance. This partnership has also helped to address the area's critical workforce development issues.



We are a Global Partner of WorldSkills, helping to inspire thousands of young people from all over the world in skill competitions including carpentry, automobile technology, cabinetmaking, concrete construction work, joinery, landscape gardening, and more. At the same time, we support WorldSkills’ efforts to advance what it means to be a maker by including new cutting-edge skills such as robotics, drone flight and repair, and cybersecurity. At each WorldSkills competition, we help empower more than 1,000 of the best young makers, creators and fixers from more than 50 countries.

WorldSkills is showcasing the value of skills and raising the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide.

Greenlight for Girls

This international organization inspires thousands of girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue STEAM subjects—science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Stanley Black & Decker, including our Women’s Network employee resource group, have helped g4g put tools and knowledge in the hands of girls, collaborating at a series of educational events in Belgium, the United States, Russia, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, India, Spain and Poland. Workshop topics covered geometry, physics, robotics, DNA, coding and use of our tools. In the United Kingdom, we partnered with Envision Virgin Racing to bring 50 young girls together at the Silverstone University Technical College to hear from inspiring female leaders in the STEAM field. Learn more about the inspiring day


NxtGen Program

In partnership with Autism Speaks, we’re establishing the NxtGen Program: a community college curriculum focused on skills that will prepare people with autism to pursue skilled-labor jobs in manufacturing. NxtGen will build upon training programs developed by the U.S. Department of Labor to suit the learning needs of individuals with autism. Stanley Black & Decker and Autism Speaks will expand the NxtGen Program over five years, providing talented young people with the opportunity to advance their careers and to bridge the gap between education and progression into the workforce. Learn more about the NxtGen Program


Enhancing Skills

We are helping our employees and the makers of tomorrow master the skills and expertise needed to secure productive jobs and revitalize communities, now and well into the future, even as the nature of jobs and work itself rapidly evolves. Learn more about how we are enhancing skills

Empowering Our People

We invest in and foster a highly engaged workforce in a collaborative and connected environment where our people feel heard, valued and positioned to do their best work every day. Learn more on how we empower

Empowering Our Communities

We want the communities where we live and work to thrive, and to help others revitalize their communities as well. Around the world, we support education, learning and upskilling. This commitment was intensely tested throughout the global pandemic in 2020, and our people and business met the challenge with extraordinary effort and resolve. Learn more about our response to COVID-19

Human Rights

Our company-wide Human Rights Due Diligence process embraces ISO26000, the UN Global Compact, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In the beginning of 2020, we achieved our target of applying this process to 70% of our sites globally, confirming there were no human rights concerns identified. Improvement opportunities were identified at over half the sites. Remedial actions are generally site specific and suitable for local management and implementation. If corporate guidance is required, sites are encouraged to seek assistance through the Human Rights Concern reporting platform.

There were, however, improvement opportunities identified at *59% of sites and 39% of sites had provided improvement action plans.

* These percentages are based on an up-scaled sample (√N +1).

Learn more about our Human Rights Policy