Robert J. Manning

Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, MFS Investment Management

Joining our Board of Directors in 2022, Robert brings three decades of financial services experience and leadership and a deep understanding of the investor community.
Portrait of Robert J. Manning

Robert J. Manning, retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MFS Investment Management, has been a director of the Company since August 2022.

Mr. Manning retired as Non-Executive Chairman of MFS Investment Management in March 2022 after a 37-year career with the company. Under his leadership, MFS evolved into a global investment manager capable of adding value for individual and institutional investors worldwide. Mr. Manning joined MFS in 1984 as a Fixed Income Research Analyst and held several positions with increasing responsibility within the firm’s Investment division, including Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income Strategist and Director of Fixed Income Research. In 2004, he was named Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Manning added the chair role in 2010 and was named co-CEO in 2015. He had been Executive Chairman since 2017 and Non-Executive Chairman since 2021.

Mr. Manning is 60 years old and is Chair of the Audit Committee and a member of the Corporate Governance Committee.

Mr. Manning’s more than three decades of financial services, investment stewardship and leadership experience enables him to provide vital insights to the Board and management related to risk management, capital allocation, financial planning, and environmental, social and governance (ESG). The wealth of experience Mr. Manning has gained throughout his financial career provides the Board with a more thorough understanding of investors’ perspectives and how to incorporate those perspectives into their oversight of the Company’s long-term strategic plan.