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Code of Business Ethics - Promoting a Respectful, Inclusive Workplace

Promoting a Respectful, Inclusive Workplace.

With operations in more than 50 countries spanning six continents, Stanley Black & Decker is made up of thousands of unique people.

We all have our own sets of skills and ways of thinking based on our cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. But we share a unified passion for creating products and solutions for those who make the world.

When we respect others and the skills and perspectives they bring, we strengthen trust among colleagues in an inclusive environment.

We nurture talent, embrace differences and promote workplace respect.

Recruiting, retaining and nurturing the best talent is paramount to the achievement of our company’s vision. We seek to provide fair compensation, reward performance and celebrate achievement while ensuring our people’s goals, development and learning are aligned with the company’s growth objectives and our Purpose and Values.

We strive to support a workplace where our employees reflect the company’s diverse customer base and communities and can enjoy thriving careers doing what they do best every day. All qualified individuals are invited to seek employment, and those who are employed will be treated with respect, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, color, age, gender or gender identity, disability, geographic origin, veteran status, religion or sexual orientation.

Showing respect to our employees requires a workplace free from harassment, including sexual harassment. We are required to report all incidents of sexual harassment to our supervisors, Human Resources, our local Legal team or


  • We do not tolerate harassment of any employee anywhere, including the physical workplace, on business travel or through digital work tools (email, web sites, and social media).
  • We do not possess or distribute printed or electronic material that is sexual, pornographic, racist, defamatory or offensive to our diverse workforce.
  • We investigate all incidents of harassment – including sexual harassment – and take disciplinary action if warranted.


All employees must review and adhere to the company Policy Against Harassment, including Sexual Harassment.

We promote open dialogue with no tolerance for retaliation.

Stanley Black & Decker is committed to protecting our people from retaliation. Retaliation is serious misconduct that will not be tolerated. Any employee who takes retaliatory action against another will be held accountable.

What is Retaliation?

Retaliation can be any form of reprisal, direct or subtle, for reporting in good faith an actual or suspected issue or for cooperating in an investigation.


If you are worried about retaliation or believe that you have been retaliated against, you are encouraged to report your concerns through our confidential website, or by contacting your manager or a leader in your business unit, a local HR representative or the Legal Department.

We are committed to workplace security and the safety of our workforce.

The security and safety of our workplace is critical to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment. We have established means to identify hazards and assess, prevent and control occupational health and safety risks and environmental impacts, as well as provide on-going surveillance of operations as they relate to Environmental Health and Safety activities. These assessment, prevention and control principles of hazards and risks are applied in the planning, design, and layout of new buildings, processes, products, preventive maintenance activities and property transactions.

If you ever find yourself feeling unsafe or threatened, try to remove yourself from the situation and communicate with appropriate personnel as soon as it is safe to do so.


"When we respect one another and make people feel secure in sharing their strengths, differences and unique value, that drives employee engagement. And highly engaged employees are more productive, support a safer work environment and deliver better business results.”

Robert Raff, Head of Outdoor Integration

Collaboration through Social Media

Social media can be a useful tool in the workplace to collaborate with your colleagues, build trust with our customers, and nurture inclusivity and connectivity within our culture. We encourage the use of social media to promote our products, tools and culture.

Information shared by Stanley Black & Decker on our public websites or other official social media accounts (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is available for sharing, and we are all encouraged to share it to promote our brand and employee experience.

Before posting your own message to social media or sharing another unofficial post, consider what social networking site you are using, the tone of your post and how the end user will perceive your message. If there is any chance your message will not be in line with the ethical standards of the company, will disrespect a third party or will reveal private customer information, do not post your message. It is your responsibility to protect the reputation of the company, your colleagues and yourself.

Social media and internet postings sites include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Picasso, Twitter, blog and vlog sites, wikis, and any other site where text can be posted (message boards, forums, etc).

In addition to external sites, Stanley Black & Decker uses internal tools for social sharing and collaboration - such as Workplace and Sharepoint – that are private to our company. When using those platforms it is important to both uphold our values and standards and remember that information shared may be confidential. For example, content posted to Workplace by a colleague – or even an official company spokesperson/profile – is not necessarily cleared for sharing outside of the company. So remember to refrain from sharing that content externally in any way.

We exercise caution when making public statements

We do not make any formal written or oral statements to the public on behalf of Stanley Black & Decker unless authorized to do so. If you are attending an event where you are representing the company, prepare by contacting the Corporate Communications team or your Business Unit Communications team to make sure you have all the information you need before attending.

Should I post, tweet or text this?

In a meeting today, I heard about a new electronic security feature that will be installed at the hospital in my town. I’m excited to be a part of this project. Can I share with my network on social media?

We have so many new tools and storage products, electronic security innovations and industrial solutions, it’s easy to get excited. But the information you learned may be confidential. Before posting, STOP and THINK about what and where you are posting and if you are acting in accordance with our Code of Business Ethics and the best interest of the company. If you aren’t sure, don’t post. Reach out to the corporate communications team to help guide your decision.

For additional information please see our Social Media & Disclosure Policy.


  • We limit our social media interactions to our area of expertise.
  • We disclose our status as a company employee.
  • We think before we post.
  • We remember that anything we post may go global and that, once posted, information cannot be completely recalled.
  • We make it clear that our opinions and beliefs are our own and not Stanley Black & Decker’s.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of company information, including that of our colleagues, customers and business partners.



Courageously Standing for What’s Right.


Achieving Performance We Can Be Proud Of.


Demonstrating Integrity in All We Do.