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Code of Business Ethics - Courageously Standing for What’s Right

Courageously Standing for What’s Right.

We make ethical decisions, even when they are difficult.

The people of Stanley Black & Decker are committed to fostering a culture that supports people speaking up, sharing ideas and voicing concerns safely and constructively. If you find something that doesn’t align to that commitment, we want to hear from you. You will never be penalized for making a good faith report of an ethical concern or conflict with our Code.

Not every dilemma is clear, and asking questions or speaking up can take courage. If you are uncertain about whether to raise an issue, think about it in terms of the criteria below.

Commit to raising issues that:

  • Violate the law
  • Are not in alignment with our Values
  • Conflict with our social media policy and standards
  • Could damage the reputation of an individual or the company

An ethical dilemma arises when doing the right thing may seem like it is not in our short-term best interest, such as delaying a decision or costing more than expected. These decisions test our character and integrity, neither of which we will compromise.

This Ethical Decision Making model can help you think through a dilemma.

Some decisions are tough, but we are here to help. If you are still not sure, use the following resources to resolve your concern:

  • Our written policies and procedures
  • Your manager or a leader in your business unit
  • Your local Human Resources representative
  • Your local legal department
  • (see end of this Code)

All employees should feel empowered to raise concerns, suspected violations or unethical behavior. If it doesn’t feel right, talk to someone. We will protect you from retaliation for expressing good-faith concerns professionally, honestly and fairly.

We take a leadership role in sustainability and social responsibility.

Stanley Black & Decker strives to be an industry leader that creates innovative solutions for the environment, builds a sustainable future and prioritizes social responsibility.

When it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, we should challenge conventional thinking, work together and think creatively. Your thought leadership around modifications in product design, manufacturing, selling or transportation can help run the business more efficiently by reducing our energy and water consumption, waste generation and carbon emissions.


“It is truly inspiring to see the dedication of our employees around the world to making our company more sustainable and our world a better place. They are as dedicated to implementing current ideas and solutions to their fullest as they are to discovering new ways to make a difference.”

Deb Geyer, Corporate Responsibility Officer


  • We take every action possible to ensure a safe and healthy workenvironment. We record all results for our environmental health & safety data accurately.
  • We complete government forms or monitoring reports accurately and honestly.
  • We never tamper with or dilute samples or otherwise provide false information about the results of sampling.
  • We never intentionally fail to follow permit conditions or applicable protocols.
  • We abide by applicable laws and permits, and do not unlawfully bypass any environmental controls or monitoring devices.


For additional information, please speak with a member of our Environmental Health & Safety Team.

We stand for Human Rights.

Doing right by our people is a part of our character, and we actively demonstrate the courage to care, respect and support the fundamental Human Rights of all individuals. As a global business, we are committed to respecting, protecting and supporting the principles included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and the Rights at Work.

These include:

Human Rights are the basis of an equal, fair and sustainable society, and protecting these rights is the responsibility of all of us. We embrace our responsibilities as a global industrial leader to ensure the protection of Human Rights and promote best practices such as proactive global monitoring and providing our skills, services and products to aid in emergency situations.

Guided by our ethical standards, we implore you to speak up if you see or hear something that we should not be involved in or tolerate. This could include any abuse of Human Rights, including forced or child labor; any form of complicity (direct, beneficial or silent) affecting Human Rights; or any third-party disregard for Human Rights, including physical punishment.

We provide a comprehensive grievance process to react to employee concerns.

For additional information, please review our Human Rights Policy Statement.

We support community involvement that makes a difference in the world.

Being involved in our community makes the world a better place. We encourage and support our employees in finding their personal passion to give back. Community involvement can include volunteering in your community, and supporting local schools and not-for-profit organizations. Balancing the demands of these activities against job requirements can be difficult, and we encourage all employees to be mindful of the need to maintain an appropriate work life balance while acting in the best interests of the Company.



Achieving Performance We Can Be Proud Of.


Promoting an Inclusive Workplace.


Demonstrating Integrity in All We Do.