Ola Selsjord

Ola Selsjord
Brand Partners Flag - Norway

Extreme Athlete
Oslo, Norway
October 7, 1993

Ola is one of the most impactful BMX riders in the scene known for his powerful and technical riding. From running his own Youtube channel to building his own bike features, Ola is the personification of the 'Do it yourself' mantra. BLACK+DECKER's support is only making his life easier beating his fellow riders.

Ola Selsjord

Life's Moments & Inspirations

My greatest achievement has been... Building a successful YouTube channel and being a professional BMX athlete.
My biggest inspiration is... The big YouTuber: Casey Neistat, and 50 Cent.
My next ambition is... Move to Spain and keep on making more viral videos.
My people describe me as... Weird and energetic...in a good way!
How I relax is... Life's too short to relax!
My advice to the young athletes starting out is... Don't be afraid to do what YOU think is cool. People will judge you NO matter what you do, so why bother?