Nathalie McGloin

Nathalie McGloin
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Chertsey, UK
February 13, 1983

Nathalie McGloin is the only female tetraplegic in the world to be racing cars. A self-confessed speed freak and adrenaline junkie, she also plays wheelchair rugby.  Nathalie is an ambassador for Dare to be Different. Founded by Susie Wolff and funded by the Motor Sports Association (MSA), this initiative aims to inspire, connect, showcase and develop female talent in environments such as motorsport.

Nathalie McGloin

Life's Moments & Inspirations

My greatest achievement has been... Becoming the first female with a spinal cord injury to be granted a racing license in the UK in 2015.
My biggest inspiration is... Wheelchair rugby has been my biggest inspiration in life. When I first started playing the sport it taught me everything I needed to know about survival, mental toughness and being the best that I could be. It was the sport that helped me come to terms with my spinal injury. Wheelchair rugby taught me that anything was possible. I wouldn’t be racing cars today if I hadn’t found wheelchair rugby.
My next ambition is... To race in a 24 hour race series. The team aspect of this racing discipline really appeals to my love of being part of a sports team. I would love to add to this challenge by racing with other racing drivers with spinal injuries on my team. I have a great idea to bring a Spinal Track 24 hour race team to Silverstone 24 next year. We would race with a combination of able-bodied and spinal injured drivers with varying levels of endurance racing experience. It would be the first 24 hour team of it’s kind. Watch this space!
My people describe me as... I think people would describe me as tenacious and stubborn! I always say that my stubbornness is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. People think I’m quite driven and are used to me setting my ambitions fairly high. My family and people close to me would describe me as a slightly softer character than my bravo suggests! I love spending time with my friends and family and being close to the people I care about is really important to me.
How I relax is... I don’t! I’m always looking for my next project, I really struggle to sit around doing nothing. On my rare free days I do enjoy a bit of a shopping spree, I’m a bit of a shopping fiend and do like a good day out shopping, usually on my own so no one tries to curb my spending! I love spending time in the sun too (which we don’t get much of in the UK!). I’ve recently taken up wheelchair racing and had my first experience of warm weather training. Playing sports helps me to get rid of pent up energy and there is no better feeling than chilling out in the sunshine after a training session on the running track.
My advice to the young athletes starting out is... Don’t be scared of failure. Failure is just a stepping stone on the path to success. The more you fall down, the more you learn how to get up bigger, better and stronger for the next time. The lows of any sporting journey make tasting success all the sweeter when you achieve it.