Jenna Blasman

Jenna Blasman
Brand Partners Flag - Canada

Extreme Athlete
Ontario, Canada
September 24, 1993

A plastic snowboard paved Jenna’s way into professional snowboarding when she was just 7 years old. Together with her brothers, they challenged, encouraged and critiqued each other until they eventually taught themselves how to ride. A year later she was given her first real snowboard and the rest is history. Jenna is a huge enrichment to BLACK+DECKER’s team of professionals and we are looking forward to support her on her way to success.

Jenna Blasman

Life's Moments & Inspirations

My greatest achievement has been... A good attitude. Gratitude, a positive perspective and perseverance have lead me to be the person I am today.
My biggest inspiration is... People who aren't fooled by the surface. People who ask why. People who dive into discomfort. People who live genuinely and honestly. People who have the courage to be vulnerable and live spontaneously. Those types of people are truly alive- right here and right now.
My next ambition is... To follow my bliss every single moment. To disregard external pressure seeking my will and to fight gracefully for every opportunity life hands me. With that I can truly say I'm alive.
My people describe me as... Happy and free!
How I relax is... Meditation. I thoroughly enjoy quieting my mind. I love stretching and yoga. I love reading about philosophy and documenting my own experiences.
My advice to the young athletes starting out is... Have fun! Enjoy every moment and don't take anything too seriously. Get in the zone. Own your passion, have no fear. Always ask yourself why & allow your honesty to teach you. Grow from every choice made. Nothing is wrong, everything is a lesson.