Dan Garb

Dan Garb
Brand Partners Flag - USA

Extreme Athlete
July 3, 1992

For more than 10 years on the board, Dan is one of the most experienced freestyle skateboarder out there. Being involved in all parts of the sport, freestyle skateboarding gives him the best opportunity to express himself. STANLEY couldn’t be a better fit for him in helping him to stay fully prepped for each performance.

Dan Garb

Life's Moments & Inspirations

My greatest achievement has been... Finally getting to meet Rodney Mullen in May of 2017.
My biggest inspiration is... Anyone who skates freestyle! Always makes me stoked to see others enjoying the art.
My next ambition is... Hopefully going to Japan either late October or early November.
My people describe me as... In real life random and weird, laughs. I mainly talk about either skateboarding or anime :-)
How I relax is... Mainly watch anime to myself meditated. Or sometimes I'll go on hikes.
My advice to the young athletes starting out is... Focus on having fun with what you're doing! The one who is having the most fun makes the best shredder!! :-)